10 Easy Ponytail Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

In this article you can find out the 10 easy ponytail hairstyles that have been mentioned for the medium length hairs. Medium length hairs look very beautiful and you can experiment many hairstyles with these hairs. Hairstyles change with the change of season. Ponytail is the hairstyle which is very famous among women and this can be carried any where at any occasion. For busy women ponytail hairstyles are the best options. Ponytail hairstyles are easy to achieve but at the same time these hair styles are very interesting too. You can create chic hairstyles using ponytail and make your looks trendy.

10 Easy Ponytail Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Wound Down Ponytail:

Wound down ponytail is a form of the side ponytail, it has the loose pieces that frame the face and a spiral wrapped base. Their hairstyle look beautiful on medium length hairs and is also perfect for them. For making wound down ponytail remove a small section of hair before making the ponytail to one side, then wrap this piece around the base of ponytail and continue until the mid length. Fasten the end of the looped hairs with small elastic and also insert some pins to prevent it from sliding downwards.

10 Easy Ponytail Hairstyles For Medium Hairs

Ponytail Framed With Fringe:

This is a classic ponytail and it shines up the dress too. In this hairstyle the focus is the fringe. To get this style blow dry the bangs using a round brush and then set them with a large Velcro roller. Tease the roots lightly to get the fullness and then secure the ponytail straight back and tighten up. You can finish with an aerosol shine spray. This ponytail looks great on medium length hairs.

10 Easy Ponytail Hairstyles For Medium Hairs 1

Sleekly Parted Ponytail:

Sleekly parted ponytail is a crisp and simple style that gives a edgy finish with using a lot of styling cream. Run a smoothing cream through the strands to tame flyaways and frizzes and then slick hair back into a low ponytail, you can also add a dose of gloss in it. This hairstyles looks amazing on long as well as medium length hairs.

10 Easy Ponytail Hairstyles For Medium Hairs 2

Straight And Narrow Ponytail:

This hair style suits long hairs and also medium length hairs. Wet the hairs and stick a ponytail at the nape and then let it dry in the sun, you can also apply an organ oil for conditioning. If you have thick medium length hairs then leave a little conditioner in hairs after washing the hairs so that the strands weigh down. You can pull hairs back or simple part then in center for clean look and this looks suits on almost every face.

10 Easy Ponytail Hairstyles For Medium Hairs 3

Teased Crown Ponytail:

Teased crown looks very trendy and the more volume you add to your crown more your ponytail will become fancier. Tease the Mohawk section of hair along the top of the head and then mist on a working hair spray. Smooth the hair back then using a brush and then secure them in a ponytail, wind the ends around a large barrel curling iron to get a subtle flip.

10 Easy Ponytail Hairstyles For Medium Hairs 4

Messy Ponytail:

Messy ponytail is the perfect blend of sexy looks and effortless look at the same time and the no fuss looks with any texture. Apply the dry shampoo on the roots to eliminate all the flatness and grease, gather your hairs up and light ruffle the top with fingers for getting a tousled appearance. Play with your hairs until you get the desired look.

10 Easy Ponytail Hairstyles For Medium Hairs 5

High And Fluffy Ponytail:

High and fluffy ponytail means flirty volume and it looks best on medium length hairs. To create a bit of feminine bounce at first wrap up the large sections of hair around one inch curling iron. Too much heat can make your styling wet and this will cause sweating, you can just curl the ends after you can secure the ponytail. Tease the crown and then pull hairs up and fasten tightly at the top of head. You can make it look even fuller by opening the ponytail with your fingers and teasing the base lightly.

10 Easy Ponytail Hairstyles For Medium Hairs 6

Boho Beach Ponytail:

Boho Beach ponytail is perfect summer look for medium length hairs. This hairstyle was inspired from the Queen of Hippie Chic Waves. Texture is most important thing about this ponytail. Use sea salt spray on hairs after this look. Mist your hairs while these are damp and once they dry use your fingers to brush the hairs back into a low ponytail. Secure the loose layers with small pins and lock them up in place with dry hair spray.

10 Easy Ponytail Hairstyles For Medium Hairs 7

Accessorized Ponytail:

Accessorized Ponytail looks great on hairs of all lengths. This looks very beautiful hairstyle and can also be matched with the colors of your outfit. You can use cute accessories for hairs lite cute hair bows, clips, hair bands and other accessories will make your ponytail look chic.

10 Easy Ponytail Hairstyles For Medium Hairs 8

Versatile Braided Ponytail:

Braiding adds a fresh and interesting look to your ponytail. These hairstyles can be obtained in minutes and look amazing. These hairstyles suit in every season and all type of hair textures can be done with this ponytail. For this ponytail pull back the hairs and secure them in ponytail. Then split the sections of hairs and overlap these according to the style of braid you want to make with your ponytail. Among all the 10 easy ponytail hairstyles for medium length hairs braided ponytail can add different looks and styles in your hairs in short time.

10 Easy Ponytail Hairstyles For Medium Hairs 9

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