Arabian Bridal Makeup Tutorial Tips Ideas Step By Step Pictures

Arabian bridals are the Muslims bridals and their look is, somehow, different from all other brides on the wedding day. The best Arabian Bridal Makeup Tutorial Tips Ideas Step By Step Pictures is clearly shown below on this page for Arabian bride. Must read this carefully and try to apply this. Wedding is the day which is most important in a life of a women no matter it is Asian or some other. So that is why on this day every girls wanted to everything so perfect and in that category the brides of Arabian also fall so that is why here on this page we are providing you some Arabian Bridal Makeup Tips.

Arabian Bridal Makeup Tutorial Tips Ideas Step By Step Pictures

Step  1

You are going to apply makeup on your face on the actual day of your wedding then first of all you should move towards the cleaning of your face. Make it sure that you are using the best cleanser for making your face clean. Now you should use the best quality makeup remover. This will help in removing all remains of the previously applied makeup if any.

Arabian Bridal Makeup Tutorial Tips Ideas Step By Step Pictures

Step  2

The very first step for Arabian Bridal Makeup Tutorial Tips Ideas is to move towards the applying of toner and moisturizer on the skin. Remember that you must apply the products that you use in normal routine and do not try to make experiments on this day. You should get suggestion from your beautician.

Step  3

Now come towards the removal of spots, blemishes, dark circles and any other traces from the face. This will hide with the help of base or foundation. The best idea for having the long lasting makeup on the skin you should use face primer before applying the foundation on the skin or face.

Step  4

Try to apply the good foundation and must try to apply that one foundation that applied on the face with the help of brush. Make it sure that you are applying the lighter foundation and also the foundation without SPF. This would be the less oxidize and in this way it’s never give any harm or side effect. Cover all of your skin visible areas with this foundation.

Step  5

Now come towards the eye and the very next step for the eyes is to apply the primer or a good conceal to the eyelids because in this way it provides the smooth base makeup. The best suggestion by the beauticians and the experts is that to apply the bright blue color pencil on the eyelids for getting a perfect look.

Step  6

The very next step is to apply the eye shadow that you want to apply on your eyes. The best suggestion is to apply the black eye shadow on the inner as well as outer corner of the skin. Apply the kajal is another best way to make the smoky look of the eyes.

Step  7

With the help of a good brush try to blend these two shades blue and black because in this way the perfect smoky look you will get.

Step  8

Now apply the mascara on the eyes and try to make your eye lashes curly.

Step  9

Now come towards the lip makeup after lining your lips apply natural pink color lipstick. You may also try to apply some natural light or nude shades for lips.

Step  10

Apply red color nail paint on the nails and you can also match it with the color of your dress. Well do try these Arabian Bridal Makeup Tutorial Tips Ideas Step By Step as mentioned here on this page.

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