Benefits of Garlic For Beauty Care

Garlic is not only useful in the kitchen, garlic is also standard in the treatment of skin beauty you do you want to know how? In Garlic there is a high antioxidant content in seasonings that make the kitchen one of these much sought after benefits. In fact, some are willing to eat raw garlic to taste the natural flavor and aroma properties of this puncture.

Well, we will not ask you to chew the raw coke, just calm down. But, we introduce some properties and how to apply garlic in the world of beauty.

Benefits of Garlic For Beauty Care

As facial scrubs

Scrub made of garlic can make the skin soft and smooth. The ingredients are pretty easy to do coke, just have to rely on strawberry, tea tree oil, hot water and oatmeal.


Mix all ingredients with the garlic finely chopped.
Massage on face 2-3 minutes then let a little dry. It’s quite painful and rasp in the face, hold first.
Rinse with warm water and facial wash. Then finish off with cold water.

Dry up pimples

Acne is very annoying and never step aside from the face? You can refine garlic then daub a little on the pimples. Leave it for a moment.

The taste will also rasp and a little painful. However, acne will dry faster and remove in a matter of days. Do this at least three times a day to get results.

But, keep in mind is do not ever squeeze acne is inflamed so as not to leave the former in the face yes.

Helps reduce hair loss

Just like men, women also often experience hair loss problem. Men may be more subtle and more men have it worse.

Coping with hair loss can also use garlic. But this time better use onion oil on the scalp before bed.

Over time, the hair will become fertile that reduced drastically.

So much good garlic benefits in health or beauty world. Not surprisingly so, if the price of garlic surged lately. Even so, there is no loss quotes natural benefits of garlic, due to more safe and friendly in nature.

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