Benefits Of Skipping Rope For Weight Loss

Benefits of skipping rope for weight loss are many and everybody do not know about all of them, we are sharing the benefits of skipping rope for weight loss so that people become able to lose weight by a cheap and simple way. Skipping rope is an inexpensive and easy way which can be done anywhere. Jumping a rope stands out as a weight loss and fitness aid that ypu should not overlook. Skipping rope burns calories in an amazing way. Half hour session of skipping ope will help you to loose weight that a person loses after walking 3 meters per hour. A jump rope routine that is combined with a healthy diet can make a good combination for those who want to loose weight.

Benefits Of Skipping Rope For Weight Loss

Benefits Of Skipping Rope For Weight Loss

Before starting skipping rope as an exercise consult with your doctor if he suggests you then begin jumping rope. Skipping rope is a high impact activity which can cause wear to joints so you should wear aerobic shoes that cushion your feet well before starting to jump. If you want to jump for a long time than a padded exercise mat can help to protect your feet. You should buy a good quality rope, good ones are not the expensive ones, there are also inexpensive good quality ropes. Look for the rope whose handle is not heavy and is easy to grip with sweaty hands. To check the length on rope, keep rope in the center of one foot and the handles should reach your chest.

Skipping rope is best for burning calories if it is done on regular basis. Grip the handles of rope close to the rope and keep your elbows at the sides. By using your wrist turn the rope and jump just high enough to clear the rope. Keep your hands level with your hips and look straight ahead while jumping. Higher umps just tire you out sooner and also can injure your feet and ankles, so try with smaller jumps. If you get bored of skipping rope then you can try alternating your feet or devising your own hopscotch pattern of jumping. If right procedure and schedule is maintained for skipping rope than it can show results more quickly.

Mostly people know and use skipping rope as an exercise to lose weight but it also has numerous other benefits such as cardiovascular fitness, improvement of balance and coordination etc. Cardio workouts increase the ability of your system to transfer blood and oxygen to and from the heart to rest of the body. Jumping rope builds your endurance, strengthens your heart, arteries and lungs and can help keep major illness such as heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes away. Jumping repeatedly on two feet can also help you to vary the pace and rhythm, and jumping on one foot can perform various tricks.

Jumping rope is known as a cardiovascular exercise but as a lot of muscles are being worked at the same time so skipping rope can create muscle tone and definition. The main muscles this applies to are the shoulders, core, upper back and calves. For losing one pound of weight you have to drop 3500 calories and a healthy way to lose weight is to shoot for a reduction of one pound per pound, which means to burn 700 calories every day. A half hour jumping rope session burns off about 300 calories remaining can be lose by controlling diet. This clearly shows the benefits of skipping rope for weight loss.

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