Best Eyeshadow Color For Brown, Blue, Green, And Hazel Eyes

You need to know the best eyeshadow color for brown, blue, green and hazel eyes because different eye colors demands different eyeshadow colors to look beautiful. Eyes are the important part of face and to make yourself look beautiful eyes play an important role. The best way to pop up the eyes is to use right color of eyeshadow for the eyes. Makeup is very important for every woman and it make women look more beautiful. Not every woman knows that which eyeshadow color will look best on her eyes. Women mostly coordinate the eyeshadow color with the color of their outfit they do not pay attention to the eye color and what color will look best with their eyes. Eyeshadow colors go with the certain colors of the eyes. Not every color look best with the eye colors. You need to know properly that which color will enhance your eyes and which will make them look dull and boring. In this article a complete list of eyeshadow colors have been given which will reveal that which color will with with the color of your eyes and how you can make your eyes the main attraction on your face.

Best Eyeshadow Color For Brown, Blue, Green & Hazel Eyes

Eyeshadow Color For Brown, Blue, Green And Hazel Eyes

Best Eyeshadow Color For Brown Eyes:

Women with brown eyes have the widest range of options when they have to choose the eyeshadow. Brown is a neutral color and it does not have to compete with colors the way other eyes hues have too. Brown eyes can go with any color of eyeshadow. But pink and green eyeshadow will pop the brown eyes well. You can also use blue eyeshadow with brown eyes and if you have gold flecks in your eyes you can also try eyeshadow with a gold shimmer too. Brown eyes can even pull off by wearing brown eyeshadow but be careful with brown color as certain tones can look muddy against the brown eyes. The best complements for brown eyes are peach, navy, green, bronze, purple and teal.

Best Eyeshadow Color For Blue Eyes:

Blue is a cool tone naturally so the warmer shades will tend to set the iris color ablaze. With blue eyes you should stay away from the blue eyeshadow colors. Wearing earthy tones, such as brown, slate and taupe will make your eyes look mesmerizing and will pop them up. Nice rose colored eyeshadows can add fun with the blue eyes if you want something different from the earthy hues. The cool colored purple or the pink eyeshadows will contrast in a beautiful way with the blue eyes. For the blue eyes the best complements include bronze, champagne, beige, gold, copper and peach.

Best Eyeshadow Color For Green Eyes:

Green eyes will pop up with the purple shaded eyeshadows. The purple contrast with the color of your eyes will make them look more dramatic. If you want to make your eyes look natural and stand out at the same time you should go with warmer brown shades or the warn colors with slight orange undertones. Earth tones with slight hints of taupe colors, lavender purple shades and hints of gold are basic eyeshadows for green eyes. Green eyes have the variety of flecks so you can freely experiment with the colors to find out the best among them. Sepia, purple, rust and pink are the best complements of green eyes.

Best Eyeshadow For Hazel Eyes:

Hazel eyes contain a variety of tones, these eyes have the color somewhere between brown and green and often these have flecks of gray and gold that all together grant them a natural radiance. Because of the innate spectrum of colors in hazel eyes you can play with the eyeshadow hues. You can try plum, violet or lavender with the hazel eyes to make them look gorgeous and attractive. If you want your hazel eyes to appear more like light brown then use the grays, browns of yellow eyeshadow colors. With hazel eyes avoid the golds that are too pale as these will wash out the color of your eyes. The best complements of hazel eyes are dusty pink, deep purple, yellow-brown, gray and burgundy.

Choosing best eyeshadow color for brown, blue, green and hazel eyes is fun and should not be done as bothersome work as right color will totally change your overall look.

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