Best Indian Bridal Nail Art Designs For Wedding

Best Indian bridal nail art designs for wedding include linear, dotted, floral and zigzag designs which are also embellished with tiny sequences, stones and embossed patterns. Indian wedding are the expensive affairs and these are also very lavish. Indian weddings are very crowded and there is dancing, colors, decorations, musics, different customs and rituals. The Indian bride and groom wear traditional and ethnic Indian attires. Indian bride care a lot about her looks including her nails. The nails of Indian brides are properly manicured, shaped and trimmed. Nail art designing have become the essential part for the perfect bridal look. Nail art designs adds glamor and elegance to the decorated hands of the bride. There are many types of nail art designs that are very demanding and liked a lot by the brides. Fashion keeps on changing with time and so do the nail art designs. Brides mostly prefer the nail art design that enhances and compliments her bridal outfit and also color. The color scheme of bridal nail art designs usually compliments the color of bridal outfit.

Best Indian Bridal Nail Art Designs For Wedding

Latest Indian Bridal Nail Art Designs For Wedding

  • Wedding day is the most important day in the life of every woman and brides want to do everything that make them look fabulous. For bridal nail art you can prefer the shiny nails. You can use the silver shiny nail polish for designing embroidery on nails. This shiny embroidery looks very trendy, pretty and outstanding. You can also use golden color for shiny embroidery work.
  • Red and gold nail art will look fabulous on nails of brides. Indian brides prefer the red outfit for wedding day so this nail art will suit with the red bridal dress. You can use thick red color and on it make embroidery design using golden nail color. You can also draw some floral patterns to make the appearance more shiny and fabulous. You can add intricate patterns with these two colors.
  • Traditional nail art designs are also very demanding among Indian brides. Use the rich and colorful nail polishes for making traditional nail art designs. On these designs you can draw floral, linear and all other Indian patterns. This nail art looks very creative and eye catching.
  • You can create a simple nail art design with the bridal outfit by choosing a classic nail art design with light color coat of the nail polish as the base of the nail and on this base color sprinkle the glittered glue to give it a shiny look.
  • You can use various embellishments on the nails for the gorgeous look. The embellishments give life to the nail arts. Gold glitters, shiny beads, tiny studs, pearls etc can be used for adorning the nail arts. These intricate and stylish patterns of embellishments are very attention grabbing.
  • As the bridal dress is heavy so a baby look will also look quite attractive on the bridal nails. This nail art is also easy to do, for this use a matte color which can be light or dark according to your choice. On this base tiny beads in a linear pattern are pasted. You can also make a small bow or any outline of these beads on one of the finger nail to make it look different. This will look decent and trendy.
  • Stamping techniques are also used on he bridal nails. Stamping techniques are very famous among brides these days and also in other girls and women. Like the patterns on the fabrics stamping patterns are done on the nails which give the nails a subtle look. For the best bridal nail art designs for wedding chapiegn, pink, red, maroon, black, oyster etc are the perfect colors.

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Right color combinations and the matching embellishments are very necessary for creating a perfect nail art design for the brides.

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