Black Mehndi V/s Red Mehndi

Applying mehndi is a very old tradition and is still living. Women love to apply mehndi in order to increase their beauty. Also mehndi is dived into different types and in this article I am comparing Black Mehndi V/s Red Mehndi. In ancient times women apply mehndi on their hands, feet and arm to look more gorgeous as a tradition. But now a days applying mehndi is not only a tradition but it has become the latest fashion trend. Young generation apply the mehndi tattoos on different parts of the body to make them selves trendy.

This tradition of mehndi is now not only bonded to Pakistan, Indie or Bangladesh it is spreading all over the world because every one loves the grace of mehndi designs. Mehndi is also known as Henna tattooing and it is the ancients form of body art.This body art is five centuries old.

Black Mehndi V/s Red Mehndi

Black Mehndi V/s Red Mehndi

The actual use of this art was on wedding ceremony at which the bride was decorated with mehndi on her hands, feet and arms to make her more beautiful.While is west it is now used as the alternative of traditional tattoos for being less painful and its popularity is spreading rapidly in the west these days.When mehndi is removed after drying it shows dark brown or red color. in Black Mehndi V/s Red Mehndi the later one is more popular.Black mehndi has become recently available and it is very highly appealing because it only takes about an hour to set up and look very similar to the real tattoos. But this mehndi is not the original mehndi and chemicals are added in it.These chemical can be harmful for skin and can cause irritation.

The mehndi designs which are applied on hands are mostly are of red mehndi. Black mehndi is used foe making tattoos or for making the outline of mehndi designs. To make mehndi design more appealing girls use to do outline with black mehndi and fill in with red mehndi.These design are becoming very famous these days. Black mehndi can also be made at home.Red mehndi is not harmful and its tattoo is also temporary. It last for only few days.On occasions and celebrations usually red mehndi is applied.

Red henna is derived from the leaves of henna plant.The natural henna or the red mehndi has variable colors that can be brown, coffee brown, rich maroonish or any shade or orange or brown.The color of mehndi depend on the skin type, freshness of henna and the time period.If you want a deep color of henna then it should stay for a long time on the skin.Red henna is also applied on hairs to color them.When red mehndi is applied its color appears to be green or brown and it smells like musky hay.

Now a days there is black mehndi is the market. This is not the real henna.Black henna contains a toxin called Para-Phenylenediamine or PPD (coal tar) and also benzene in it.These seep into blood stream and cause serious skin problems. PPD is found in hair dye to give black color.There is no other such dye which colors as fastly as PPD does. Your skin may be reactive to PPD and can cause 4 to 5 weeks lasting skin problems.

Black mehndi can be harmful for the skin but red mehndi is the natural henna and does not produce any harm to the skin so it Black Mehndi V/s Red Mehndi. I will advice you to prefer red mehndi then the black mehndi.


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