Bonanza Lawn Collection 2019 Dresses Prices Catalogue

Shirts, sweaters, t-shirts, jeans, tights and many other clothing items have been included in Bonanza Lawn Collection 2019 Dresses Prices Catalogue. Bonanza is very famous fashion brand of Pakistan. Bonanza Garments is also very famous company of Pakistan. Bonanza is providing a wide range of products including men’s clothes, accessories, sweaters, lawn and women’s clothes. It provides kurtas for men, suits for men and stitched clothes for women.

Bonanza fashion brand came in the fashion world in 1976. Bonanza was a successful brand but it achieved even more success when it entered in the market of women’s pret wear and lawn dresses. Great quality fabric is also the reason of success of Bonanza clothing brand.

Bonanza Lawn Collection 2019 Dresses Prices Catalogue

Bonanza Lawn Collection 2019 Dresses Prices Catalogue

Bonanza Lawn Collection 2019 Dresses Prices Catalogue is a premium lawn collection. This collection by Bonanza is including extras like neck, sleeves and borders apart from the fabric of dupatta, trouser and shirts. Bonanza spring summer collection is consisting of shirts and shalwar and the dupattas are of silk, lawn and chiffon fabrics. In this collection for each and every dress there are two color variations. The color combinations are fresh and fantastic, also colors are bright and lively. You can see red, yellow, pink, blue, orange, off0-white etc colors in this collection. This collection is perfect for making highly stylish dresses from extremely high quality fabric of summer season.

Bonanza has showcased its clothes for women in different fashion shows. The dresses of this collection have beautiful prints as well as embroidery. The prints of these dresses are very unique and are also different from the prints of last year’s collection. The beautiful model Ariij Fatima has carried the dresses in such a way that the glamor and beauty of the dresses have been increased. The clothes of Bonanza Lawn Collection 2019 Dresses Prices Catalogue are easily available at different outlets of Bonanza situated in different cities of Pakistan.

The designs of the Bonanza Lawn Collection 2019 are traditional as well as western, the western cuts are making this collection more appealing for youngsters. This collection will suit women of all age groups as well.

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