Borjan Shoes Eid Collection 2018 Catalog, Pictures

Borjan has released its exclusive Borjan Shoes Eid Collection 2018 Catalog, Pictures and its shoes are available in all the leading stores of Borjan. Borjan is a very famous and top well known brand in Pakistan. Borjan brand is providing its shoes services since last several years and this brand was established in 1995. Borjan has earned a lot of success and popularity in quite short time with quality material. Borjan brand has been providing men and women shoes along with the handbags and fashion accessories as well. Borjan is among one of the oldest and leading fashion brands of Pakistan.

Borjan releases many occasional and seasonal footwear collections that are trendy and are loved by all fashion lovers. The aim of Borjan brand is to cater the attention of young and modern generation along with the old ones. The outlets of Borjan are present in almost 50 cities of Pakistan and it provides footwear with affordable prices.

Borjan Shoes Eid Collection 2018 Catalog, Pictures

Borjan Shoes Eid Collection 2018

Slippers and sandals are the highlights of Borjan Shoes Eid Collection 2018. All the shoes of this collection are in plain and simple designing versions. In this Eid wear collection Borjan has used fabulous decoration of stones, tussles and beads. In some of the shoes brooches and laces have also been used that are making this collection eye catching and gorgeous. Further this collection has been adorned with soft and lights colors along with the combination of bright colors such as yellow, green, blue, maroon, fawn, red, black, golden etc.

This collection is very creative and fancy, you can use this Borjan Shoes Eid Collection 2018 Catalog, Pictures with the Eid dresses and also on other parties and functions. Some of the boots and high heels can also be seen in this collection along with fancy slippers. You can also some some hand bags in this collection.

The fancy footwear included in this Eid collection are not only meant for the young and modern girls besides women of different age groups will also find this collection quite attractive. Material used for the making of Borjan Shoes Eid Collection 2018 Catalog, Pictures is of high quality and is also very comfortable. Women can choose comfortable and trendy shoes from this collection and you can also have this collection of Facebook page of Borjan brand.

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