Causes Of Dark Circles And Their Treatments

It is said that eyes are the mirror of our personality. Eyes show about our feelings and personality. Whereas the dark circles are the killer of a woman’s beauty. Dark circles under the yes give your personality a sick and depressed look. Dark circles are one of the major disorders which ruin the beauty of women up to 50%. Women always want to look beautiful weather its about their face, hands or eyes. And for this they spend a lot of money to know the causes of dark circles and for their treatments. But there are some simple tips and home remedies which can help you get rid of these nasty dark circles.

Causes Of Dark Circles & Their Treatments

Causes Of Dark Circles And Their Treatments

There are many causes of dark circles and their treatments is also not so difficult. Age is a factor that results in dark circles. When you get older the skin becomes thinner and the blood veins under the eyes become visible these results in dark circles under the eyes. Dark circles can also be heredity. The bony structure of skull into which eyes are deeply set can also develop shadows known as dark circles. Lack of sleep is also a reason of dark circles and lack of proper nutrition.Sinus problems and pregnancy can also result in dark circles.Exposure to sun can also result in dark circles as the sun increases pigmentation which results in tanning under the eyes and dark circles.

Sleep is he simplest remedy for removing  dark circles. Take at least 8 hour sleep and you will see the noticeable results. A proper and balanced diet is also very essential.Take the diet containing fresh fruits and vegetables, this will remove toxins from your body and will also remove dark circles. Drinking a lot of water can also solve your problem try to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. Also try to apply sun screen when ever you go outside. This will protect your skin from sun that can thin your skin under the eyes.Applying potato and cucumber juice on the dark circle also remove them and so as the lemon juice and tomato juice. These will also make your eyes fresh.

Cucumber is very good for removing dark circles. Cucumber acts as skin toner as well as astringent for the skin. Take a cucumber squeeze it and apply the cucumber juice on the dark circles with a cotton ball. This will remove your dark circles and will also refresh your eyes. Rose water when applied on dark circles is very effective remedy for removing them. Almond oil can be used for treatment of dark circles. Take few drops of almond oil and apply it on dark circles. Rub the oil on area around your eyes and leave for the whole night. Keep repeating this process until dark circles are fully gone.

Butter or fresh cow’s milk cream can be applied on skin for 5 to 10 minutes and then remove with cotton ball with warm water. This is also an effective remedy. You can also apply creams which are rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E on dark circles for their removal. Also a bad life style is one of the causes of dark circles and for their treatment you also have to improve your lifestyle by avoiding smoking and alcohol.


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