Chinyere Lawn Prints Dresses Collection 2014

Chinyere lawn prints dresses collection 2014 is very gorgeous and stunning collection for young girls and women of all ages. Chinyere is a famous and well known formal and semi formal wear brand for both men and women. Chinyere brand is by Bareeze and this brand is specialized in caliber cloth and unparalleled patterns for women and men’s wear. Chinyere brand is known for its style and sophistication. The collections of Chinyere have unique blend of traditions and aesthetics. Each outfit shows the glorious past, rich hand woven fabrics, regal jewels, traditions, intricate workmanship and the social heritage. Chinyere brand was established in 1999 and now it has 59 outlets nationwide. This brand is not only limited to Pakistan but is as well popular in other countries.

Chinyere Lawn Prints Dresses 2014

Chinyere Lawn Prints Dresses Summer Collection 2014

Chinyere lawn prints collection 2014 is consisting of medium length and long shirts which are combined with churidar pajamas and trousers. All the dresses of this collection are stitched. All the prints of this collection are perfect and suitable for the hot summer season. Also the prints are very unique and mesmerizing. The dresses of this collection have been stitched very stylishly. Women can use the dresses of this collection as casual wear, these dresses can also be used as semi formal and formal wear. Young girls and women can wear this collection while attending different parties, functions and ceremonies.

The color scheme of this collection is also very attractive. Colors are quite eye catching and according to the summer season. Fashion keeps on changing and those girls are more attractive who change their style with the changing fashions. This collection is very fashionable and stylish and will definitely be loved by girls. Girls can use the shirts of this collection with jeans too in college or university. Chinyere lawn prints dresses collection 2014 will look suitable at every occasion or event.

This lawn collection of Chinyere has been launched nation wide and if you want to get these dresses you can visit any outlet of Chinyere.

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