Cool Braided Hairstyles For Girls With Long Hair

Braided hairstyles are being used by women since ancient times and this hairstyle has the special corner in the heart of every girl. Braided hairstyles are very easy and simple to achieve, these hairstyles ate not complicated like the other hairstyles. Making braided hairstyles does not require the hair styling products like chemical products, hair sprays and heat, the natural hair are perfect to getting a stylish braided hairstyle. Braids suit long as well as short hairs but the long hairs become more glamorous with the braided hairstyles. Braids suits every type of hairs whether curly, wavy or straight. Braided hairstyles look great in summer as well as winter seasons but mostly braided hairstyles are mostly seen in summer season as this coolest trend give the trendy look while keeping hairs at a place. Long hairs can easily be handled with the braided hairstyles, you can make updos using braids and you can also go with the loose braids. There are number of choices and styles in braids, all of these hairstyles are easy and can be produced in little time. French braid is also a type of braid that suits the long hairs perfectly, to make a french braid perfectly you will require less time and you will end up with a stunning hairstyle.

Braided Hairstyles For Girls With Long Hair

Cool Braided Hairstyles For Girls With Long Hair 2014

  • Messy side braid is very famous among girls with long hairs, this hairstyle looks very interesting and creative. This braid looks simple but some time is required to get the original shape of this braid. For this hairstyle pull all the hairs on one side and brush them. Then put the entire length in a sample and loose braid. On the crown of the hairs go for a deep part on the side opposite to the side of braid. Curl these loose strands and seal them using a hair spray. You can make these curls messy too if you want to.
  • Side braid is the easiest and most famous braid for the long hairs among girls at this time. For creating this elegant hairstyle comb the hair to the front left side. Put a thin hair band to make a simple ponytail hairstyle. Now divide the hairs into three equal parts and braid them up to the end. At last finish the braid with thin rubber band. You hairstyle is done, this is the most common hairstyle that is seen everywhere all around the world.
  • Twist around side braid is a beautiful braided hairstyle for the long hairs. For this hairstyle you need thin rubber bands according to length of your hairs. Comb the hairs on the front and make a side pony tail. Make a partition at the center just above the elastic and pull the end through it. This will result in ring like style braid. Repeat this step for the whole length of the hairs. After the hairstyle is done expand the rings like rounds slightly and then set using a hair spray.
  • The milkmaid braid is the easiest hairstyle for long hairs. For this separate the hairs into two equal parts, braid the two parts separately and then tug them with small rubber bands. Now set these two braids on the head like a headband in opposite sides like left braid to right side and right braid on the left side. Set the ends of braids with small hair pins at the back. And you are done with your classy hairstyle.
  • Side French braid looks great on long as well as short hairs. For this hairstyle create a deep side part. Start from this part and then work towards the opposite temple. French braid a section of your hair about an inch wide along the hairline stopping at the temple. Secure the braid with elastic or the bobby pins. You can style the rest of the hairs as usual.

Apart from these cool braided hairstyles for girls with long hairs, there are many other braided hairstyles for long hairs that can give you elegant look, there is no end to the way one can style her long hairs with the braided hairstyles.

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Messy updo hairstyles with the braided long hairs can also give you a modern look and this hairstyle is also suitable for women of different age groups.

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