Cute Braided Hairstyles For Naturally Curly Hair Long Short

Cute braided hairstyles for naturally curly long and also short hairs will provide you the most happening and trendy hairstyles of the summer and spring season. Despite of the naturally easy volume of curly hairs, girls with curly hairs often complain to be left out when it come to the styling ideas of their hairs. To make the curly hairs more manageable girls choke the hairs holding them into a bun or a tight braid. Sometime the tight braids make the girls having straight hair like they do not have hairs but with the curly hairs the texture of the braid increases and it pump up which make the hairs look voluminous and full. Braids for curly hairs are a little bit tougher to control than the braids of straight hairs. Girls with curly hairs find their hairs very difficult to handle so they know what will work with their hairs and what will not. Braided hairstyle is perfect for the spring and summer season as this keeps the hairs at place and help to beat the heat. There are many choice among braided hairstyles for girls having curly hairs. You can make side braids, braided headbands, water fall hairstyle with braids, tight braids, buns, rolled hairstyles and many more.

Braided Hairstyles For Naturally Curly Long And Short Hair

Cute Braided Hairstyles For Naturally Thick Curly Hair Long Short

Boho Fishtail Braid:

Fishtail braid is a perfect choice for the curly hairs. Boho fishtail braid takes more time to accomplish than the ordinary and traditional braided hairstyles, but these look more fancy and these also have the ability to hold the chaotic curls in place in a little bit better way. To have a pretty hairstyle with boho fishtail braid separate the hairs into pigtails. Braid on of the pigtail into a fishtail braid until the halfway point. Take this braid and wind it around the other pigtail once. Now make a fishtail braid with the pigtail by incorporating the bottom half of first braid into the new one.

Curly Side Bun:

The curly side bun is the perfect hairstyle for waves and loose curls. Start this hairstyle with a traditional braid at one side of the head and then loosely braid it across as far as you like. Now pull the curls of your hairs up into loose and a messy bun. Leave few of the curls out so that the face get framed to have a feminine and attractive look.

Waterfall Braid:

Waterfall braid is the hairstyle that looks better on curly hairs than the straight hairs. This braid looks complicated and also attractive, this hairstyle is also simple as well as pretty. Start from the front of one side of the part and then create the normal French braid. After 2 or 3 inches start to drop the outside strand and pick the new piece right beside it. Continue dropping and adding hairs until you reach the desired stopping point. This hairstyle is incredibly gorgeous and requires a little practice.

Curly Crown:

Curly crown is a modern and stylish hairstyle which looks amazing on naturally curly hairs. For this hairstyle start from behind one ear and make the French braid with thick chunk of hairs all the way across the other ear. Tug outer loops of hair to make a sort of fringe effect and then secure this using bobby pins just past the hairline. Collect rest of the hairs on top of the head and then secure them with bobby pins or using small claw pins. This braided hairstyle look more amazing with gorgeous ringlets.

Braided Headband:

If you have short hairs and want to add style in your hairstyle then braided headband is the perfect hairstyle for you. This hairstyle can be done with long hairs too but it looks more gorgeous on short hairs. For this hairstyle do a half French braid and pick tiny strands of hairs from the side of the face closest to the forehead. Continue to do this all across the head and make a braided headband with the hairs. Secure the braid behind the other ear and then tease these curls to have the full effect.

Occasional Updo:

For a summer wedding or any special occasion that is outside, incorporating small braids in the updo is the perfect way the casual elegant and chic look together. You can make small braids and then bring these braids into any updo hairstyle you want to make. This will look fantastic with curls and also feminine.

Pinned Up:

Girls with naturally curly hairs usually do the pinned up hairstyle to have a grip on the curls. You can make braids in all style and in every thickness. Use the bobby pins, flower clips, jeweled hair clips or anything you want to use to pin the braids to the back of the head in random patterns. You can also leave a few of the wispy curls sticking out here and there as you like.

All these are variety of cute braided hairstyles for naturally long and short curly hairs, you can choose any one from these hairstyles to have a decent and stylish look.

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