Eastern Bridal Wear Fashion Trend

Eastern bridal wear fashion trends are changing day by day. Pakistani wedding like the wedding of other countries is the ceremony to celebrate the happiness of the bride and groom. Marriage brings the families of both bride and groom together. In the world wedding ceremony has many importance in all the cultures. Different culture of the world have different wedding traditions and similarly their ways of celebrating wedding are also different. Wedding is a very important day and on this day Pakistani brides love to wear traditional dresses like sarees, bridal frock, lehnga etc. The trends and styles changes every year but the traditional looks remains in the dress.

Eastern Bridal Wear Fashion Trend

Bridal wear is the best attractive and lovely issue for the marriage. Not even the bride but also the groom seems to be very excited about the bridal dress. Bridal dresses differ according to customs, areas, budget and social environment but beauty is the common element in all. When it comes to East culture the bridal dresses are trendy and cool. But Eastern bridal fashion wear does not remain same to all the times. Colors used for the bridal dresses are usually in red and older colors indicating good luck. Ladies wear bridal dress in the way that it represents their culture and also their families.

Understanding of bridal wear is changing with changing styles and changing fashion trends. In older times women usually wear sarees and lehengas as bridal dresses and usually do not try any other outfits. But now brides like to go with different styles like pishwas, shalwar kameez and long shirts with lehengas. Also women wear other color except red and also many color combinations. There is a large variety of wedding dresses and they ranges from different price structure. Designers of East has provided as large range of bridal wear. There are also diversity in bridal dresses according to different provinces.

Lehenga is the old and traditional dress of Eastern brides. Also red is considered to be the traditional color for Eastern brides. But now a days there is trend in Eastern brides to wear long heavy shirts with plain lehengas, long panel frocks and anarkali frocks. Long shirts with lehengas are very famous among brides this year because long shirts are easy and comfortable in wearing with cuts and it gives trendy and fashionable look. In some regions there are certain rules of marriage including wedding dress code. Some Brides try white color on wedding to look unique and grab attention. And in some wedding there is a certain dress code.

Eastern brides like to choose garments which are of full length and cover the whole body for the sake of modesty.But still they look very attractive and stylish. On wedding day brides spends her whole day getting ready, setting hairs, making up and dressing her self to look perfect. So on this special day she should wear a bridal dress that looks outstanding and also fulfills the demands of Eastern bridal fashion wear trends.

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