Easy Ideas How To Make Bridal Shower Invitations At Home

If you are planning a bridal shower for your family member or your friend then easy ideas about how to make bridal shower invitations at home can help you to prepare the wedding shower invitations. Instead of buying invitations from the shop you can create your own gorgeous invitations that will have the personal touch too. All the future brides want their bridal shower invitations to be tasteful as well as classy so you should pick a simple design with the matching colors and the short wordings. For making bridal shower invitations firstly you will need a paper. You can buy card stock from the crafts shop which are available in different colors and make a good foundation for your invitation card. You can also use a printer paper because it is heavier than the regular paper. You can make the invitation card more interesting y uploading or scanning the favorite photo of the future bride which can be alone or with her fiancee. You can also use the picture which reflects the theme of the bridal shower. Brides will feel special as well as unique by receiving an invitation card which has been prepared at home. You can find many templates online or you can also prepare it by using your own creative ideas. The styles for invitations of bridal shower ranges from postcards to the folded invitations.

Easy Ideas To Make Bridal Shower Invitations At Home

How To Make Bridal Shower Invitations At Home Easily

  • If you have planned a tea party as theme for the bridal shower then a teapot can lot very beautiful as an invitation card. Use the colors for the invitation which are according to the choice of future bride. Add a string and a little tag for a tea bag and a place on which name of the bride will be written. Create the teapot in such a way that it opens. In this way you can write the details on the inside.
  • You a simple yet pretty bridal shower invitation you can use a sketch of wedding dress. Use the scrap booking material and techniques to create invitation card. You can sketch the dress and then print copies to use as an invitation. Add interesting touch in this invitation card by using a ribbon and a scalloped edge behind the sketch. You can write the details inside by your self or for more formal script you can use printer.
  • A candy bar is a unique and fun idea as invitation to the bridal shower. For this you need a pretty paper and a printer as well as the candy bars. Use the printer to print words on the paper, cut the candy so that it fits the candy bar and then wrap them. Tie the candy bars with a pretty ribbon. Instead of being mailed these adorable invitations are better to handed out.
  • Cake is the center of the bridal shower after the bride. You can create a postcard for bridal shower by using a cake for the decorative touch. Make a wedding cake on the postcards. You can also print the details on the front of the card above the cake. Choose a pretty font for the wordings. You can use the clip art to add cake to the design of your invitation post card.
  • If you want to make a quick and easy bridal shower invitation then use the colored papers to create simple postcards. You can find a fancy font for these cards from your computer and this will give you pretty and simple invitation cards. Print the details using a fancy font of front of the colored cards. You can also add a fancy scroll or flowers to the edge of the card. Assorted colors can also be used for these invitation cards.
  • Flowers can be used on front of the cards to make a pretty invitation card. Roses can be the best choice for the invitations. You can make the flowers with colors that match with the colors of the bride. For this invitation use a folded card so that you can add details on the inside of invitation. Use a font that looks elegant and give the look like you have written it by hand. This invitation is simple yet very charming.
  • If you want to make a formal style invitation then you can use a scrap booking material to create invitation with the layered look. You can add dimensions to your invitation card using the scrap booking techniques. You can also use a ribbon, a solid background and scallops around edges to make it interesting. Use the thick paper for the parts of the design to create texture on the card. Adding raised words along with ribbon will add depth in your design.

Use the above given easy ideas to know how to make bridal shower invitations at home, you can use your own imaginations and have fun.

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