Easy Tips How To Wear Bright Red Lipstick Properly

Red Lipstick is versatile and makes a statement but when it is not applied properly its statement may not be the positive one, so we are giving you some easy tips which will help you to know how to wear bright red lipstick properly. Red lipstick is an elegant and classic fashion. Red lipstick never go out of fashion, it always remain in style. Red lipstick is perfect for a retro but it is tricky to choose the right shade of red. There are bright as well as light colors available in red shades of lipstick. Red lips can give you a sexy look but for this little know-how is essential. If are in the mood to have fun with your looks or you are simple going to a formal ball, red lipstick will be the best choice.  By following the given steps you will be able to enjoy the bright red lipstick with fun.

How To Wear Bright Red Lipstick Properly

How To Wear Bright Red Lipstick Properly

  • Smooth and moisturized lips will make red lipstick look more stunning. So to apply red lipstick start with the gentle exfoliation of flaky and dead skin from the lips and follow up with the lip balm. Sugar lip balm and exfoliator will work best on lips. Gently massage the sugar crystals on lips and you will get moisturized and soft lips.
  • The problem with wearing red lipstick is that it wear off quickly and easily smudges. Every one wants that will lipstick remain proper throughout the day no matter what the weather is. To get you lipstick last longer there is an easy solution. Before applying red lipstick apply a thin layer of concealer over the entire lips by patting off with finger. Concealer will help to grab the lipstick and hold it on the lips making the red lipstick last most of the day.
  • You can highlight red lipstick and add extra pop to your lips by taking white eyeliner pencil and apply it just above the upper lip line. Then gently smudge out using your finger to make a soft highlighted look. The white eyeliner will attract light and put the spotlight on beautiful red lips.
  • Red lipstick may also bleed out into the fine line that surround the lips. For avoiding this you need to use lip liner although you can apply red lipstick without lip liner. To have a bolder red lip, go with the lip liner that is similar in color with the red lipstick. If you want to tone down the red color a bit go with the natural lip line and then fill in the entire lip with the pencil. Filling whole lips will create a more even color and make the lipstick last all day.
  • For smooth application of red lipstick use lip brush or the lipstick applicator. If you apply lipstick with a tool then it is easy to control rather than applying directly from the tube. While choosing red lipstick make sure that the color flatters with your skin tone. People will cool undertones can go with blue based red colors while those with warmer undertones should choose orange based red shades. Apply even coat on entire lips, if you apply too much lipstick it will appear uneven and you can gently blot off the excess on a tissue paper.
  • You can also apply lip gloss after finishing but it is optional. Applying a small amount of clear gloss on the center of bottom lip will draw attention to the lips making the lips appear fuller. It will also provide some moisture and high shine to the lips.

All these easy tips will help you to wear the bright red lipstick properly, making it last for the whole day and avoid from smudging but before buying red lipstick always remember to test the color on the lips not on hands.

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