February Wedding Color Schemes 2019

February Wedding Color Schemes 2019 given here are perfect for the weddings taking place in the month of December. Winter weddings are surely growing in popularity, like December and January, the month of February is also the month of weddings. Everyone always look for the updated color direction, inspirations and also the inspiring color combinations for the variety of weddings. You need to choose the color scheme of the wedding very wisely as it can set the vibe. You need to focus on the color theme early so that everything else obtained for the wedding is coordinated and suited to the wedding on the whole.

The choice of the February Wedding Color Schemes 2019 is completely dependent on the bride as well as groom but there are many other factors that should also be kept in mind like season, time of the year, month, formality or informality of the reception or ceremony. When you are considering seasonal colors then go for the variations of shades and not only the recognized colors. For the month of February you can go for the gold, amber, russet, ochre, maroon as well as orange, red and brown colors.

February Wedding Color Schemes 2019

February Wedding Color Schemes 2019 Black And White

Green and White:

People will automatically think about the spring season when they hear green and white color together. Green and white color combination can add natural and great look to your whole February Wedding Color Schemes 2019. You can also add some hints of gold shade to make sure that you have all the important seasonal cheer in there that your guests will be looking for. Try to make this theme using pinecones, orangey wood and font writing.

Black and White:

Black and white wedding are classic as well as stylish and these are nothing short of refined and elegant. The simplicity of this color combination and design make everything look very expensive as well as exclusive. Black and white is the traditional color combination for the wedding and you can add spice in this color combination by trying the touches of pale pink or gold. This will surely provide you the festive seasonal cheer.

Red and Black:

Red and black color combination is associated with all thing gothic, classic and elegant. If these two colors are combined carefully with each other then these can look truly amazing. With these two colors try the touches of white and other bold colors to water down the dramatic look of this color combination. You also need to add hints of other colors so that these overpowering colors do not take over.

Green and Red:

If you want to use the festive Christmas colors even in the moth of February then the color combinations of green and red will look gorgeous and stunning. Also use the natural shades of red and green colors so that you wedding color schemes do not end up looking like the Santa’s grotto. Everyone will love the lush green pine trees and the springs of the holly that are mixed with the juicy red berries or you can also use the fluffy red roses.

Blue and Grey:

Grey and blue are the two very complimentary colors and these hues also look perfect in any winter wedding ceremony. This is an obvious wedding color scheme choice that never lets you down. You can add a little festive shade by using hints of silver. Brides use wide range of blue hues for February Wedding Color Schemes 2019 from the formal navy to mare fun aqua and teal shades.

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