Firdous Linen Winter Collection 2018 With Prices Vol 2

After the success of Volume 1 Firdous Paris Linen is back with its Firdous Linen Winter Collection 2018 With Prices Vol 2. Firdous is a big name among the textile providers of Pakistan. Firdous provides a huge range of the textiles and fabrics. Firdous Cloth Mills is a well established and an old producer of textiles in Pakistan. Firdous Cloth Mills has been one of the best textile firms of Pakistan since the last several years. Firdous Cloth Mills is offering fabrics for men and women, handbags, shoes and ready to wear dresses for women at this time along with many other products apart from fabrics.

Firdous Cloth Mills provides new occasional and seasonal collections every year. Firdous Cloth Mills has already launched Firdous Winter Cambric Collection 2018 for this winter season. This textile mill provides large variety of fabrics every season. Printed and embroidered both types of fabrics are provided by Firdous Cloth Mills. Firdous Cloth Mills has stores in different cities of Pakistan, apart from that it also offers fabrics through different multi fabric stores.

Firdous Linen Winter Collection 2018 With Prices Vol 2

Firdous Linen Winter Collection 2018 With Prices Vol 2

This winter collection is printed and it is consisting of low prices printed dresses. All the prints of this collection are fresh and exclusive with unique patterns. All types of floral prints with beautiful color schemes can be seen in this collection. This collection is the Volume 2 of Firdous Cloth Mills Paris Linen Winter Collection 2018. This collection is perfect for the summer season as the fabric used in this collection is of high quality and has been designed according to demands of winter season. The dresses of this Firdous Linen Winter Collection 2018 With Prices Vol 2 will keep you warm and also fashionable this winter. All the latest fashion trends and current demands of women as well as young girls have been fulfilled in this winter collection.

This collection is consisting of unstitched dresses and there is fabric for shalwar, long shirts and dupattas in this collection. Other then these fabrics extras are also available with suits of this collection. Different designs and color combinations have been mixed in this collection. Bright colors are adorning the dresses of this collection and colors like red, blue, green, pink, black etc have been used in this collection. You can also see beautiful embroidery work on the dresses of this collection which is giving a fancy look to this collection. Firdous Linen Winter Collection 2018 With Prices Vol 2 can be used by women and also young girls as formal wear, casual wear and also as party wear in this winter season.

This Firdous Linen Winter Collection 2018 is also available on Facebook page of Firdous Cloth Mills and to get this collection you can visit any big multi fabric store of Pakistan.

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