Funny Night Before Christmas Poems 2018

Funny Night Before Christmas Poems 2018 are very exclusive and unique and these are the favorites of everyone. Christmas is a great and special event for every one. The arrangements of Christmas are started by people months before the day. Every one waits for this day eagerly. The preparations of Christmas are mainly shopping, decorations and dinners. Poets are also very excited for Christmas and they wrote many poems of Christmas. Similarly poets have written the Funny Night Before Christmas Poems 2018 for this year too.

The night before Christmas is known as Twas and poets and writers do their best to write a poem that makes every one laugh. Their efforts can be seen in the poems as they make every one laugh whole heartily. These poems are very excited and tells about the joy, happiness and arrangements about the Christmas.  In these poets narrates about the Christmas by adding some humor in them and making them more attractive and funny.

Funny Night Before Christmas Poems 2018

Funny Night Before Christmas Poems 2018

Have a look on the exclusive and new funny night before Christmas poems 2018:

  • Christmas Eve had arrived,

Christmas Eve had arrived

The presents were wrapped.

The tree was all decorated,
Although it looked like such crap!

All the kids were excited,
For the gifts, they would get.

The parents were stressed,
Tomorrow it’s over! – oh how they fret!!

Remember our Christmases
When we were quite small?
Now we buy everything- down at the mall.

It’s no longer the same,
Now that Santa quit smoking…
Our house smell so fresh- I’m not joking!

The bad second hand air,
Was the gift Santa left us.

Today, it’s as fresh like the pine,
We smile, knowing that our children are fine!

T’was the Night Before Christmas
The same poem as before-

200 years of smoking Santa
The smoke we tried to ignore!

So we tried hard as we did,
Smoking Santa remains -like when WE were kids

In some homes this Christmas a new book is an option,
Our children are knowing that Santa is saved,for a while from
his coffin.

We continue to write & read to all kids
No matter what others say, when they solidify their lids!!

~ So listen up all you readers & know that we care about ALL of
our children & Santa breathing lots of clean air!
] HO HO HO !

  • Tis the month before Christmas

Tis the month before Christmas, we’re all going nuts;
With so much to do, there’s no ifs, ands or buts.
Buy presents, hang tree lights, pop cards in the mail,
Send gift packs, thread popcorn, find turkeys on sale.

Decorations need stringing up all through the house.
And you haven’t a clue what to buy for your spouse.
School concerts, receptions, open houses with friends,
Long lineups, short tempers, tying up the loose ends.

With all our mad dashing, we’re reeling from shock;
Let’s stop for a minute and really take stock.
It’s crassly commercial, the cynical say;
If that’s true, that our fault-it’s us and not they.

Take time for yourself-though hard as that seems—
Enjoy your kids’ laughter, excitement and dreams.
Take a moment out now, don’t get overly riled,
Instead make an angel in snow with your child.

  • Twas the night

Twas the night before Thursday
And poor Clement Moore
Had his poem being copied
By many a bore

His “Night Before Christmas”
Is perfect in rhyme
His rhythm and cadence
Are wonderfully fine.

But then come the wise guys
With Internet cool
Who use Clement’s rhyme
As sort of a tool

They pick up the style
From this poem of “that night”
And they hitch up their sled
to whatever’s their gripe.

Now I’m not even saying
That there’s something not right
By using Moore’s poem
To carry a fight.

I guess my complaint
Is not in their chore
But the number of times
they steal from Clem Moore.

So I say to you all
As I close down this gripe
“Merry Christmas to All
And to All a Good Night!”

All these Funny Night Before Christmas Poems 2018 express the feelings of the poets and writers about Christmas excitements before the Christmas night.

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