Best Celebrity Makeup Looks For Brown Eyes 2018

Think brown eyes are boring? Think again, sister and look into these Best Celebrity Makeup Looks For Brown Eyes 2018. Brown is actually the most versatile and easiest eye color to enhance with makeup. Really? Yes! Of all the eye colors out there, brown easily goes with the largest variety of shades and colors. Of course not all brown eyes are created equal — there are many unique shades of brown out there, which is why we rounded up photos of your favorite brown-eyed celebrities (of every shade of brown) who are wearing makeup looks that perfectly enhance their eyes.

So whether your eyes are dark, chocolate brown like Eva Longoria’s, or golden, honey brown like Beyonce’s, you can easily make them pop with these expert color suggestions and application tips.

Best Celebrity Makeup Looks For Brown Eyes 2018

Best Celebrity Makeup Looks For Brown Eyes 2018

Jennifer Lopez:

Smoky makeup is really beautiful on a lighter brown eye color. The trick is to use eye makeup in complimentary warm tones, like chocolate browns, gold, honey and caramel. They help enhance the warmth of light brown eyes like Lopez’s.

Jessica Alba:

Sporting a bright lip color is also a great way to enhance chocolate brown eyes like Alba’s because it draws attention upwards. Just be sure to keep eye makeup to a minimum, so the two don’t compete for attention.

Kim Kardashian:

among Best Celebrity Makeup Looks For Brown Eyes 2018, If you have black hair and dark eyes like Kardashian, try going in the opposite direction and using cool toned eye makeup, like silver and grey, Turnbow says. Metallic and shimmery textures help illuminate dark brown eyes.

Leighton Meester:

Blush can also be used to draw attention to very dark brown, almost black, eyes like Meester’s. “Apply color to the apple of the cheek to reflect and enhance the eye color.

Beyonce Knowles:

Knowles’ warm brown eyes are the center of attention here because of the perfect balance of her makeup. When you wear strong eye makeup, “nude lips … help the eyes be the star,” Turnbow says. So if you wear neutral lip colors, stay away from pastel eye shadows or “colors that are too blah.

Shenae Grimes:

An important part of Best Celebrity Makeup Looks For Brown Eyes 2018 application is achieving the right balance of light and dark — it can help define the shape of your eyes, Turnbow says. To enhance almond-shaped eyes like Grimes’, apply and smudge black liner on inner rims and lash lines from just past the inner corners to the outer corners. Next, apply shimmer on the inner corners to highlight them and counter balance the dark liner.

Eva Longoria Parker:

With black-brown eyes you have to be careful with going too heavy. She says it creates a “black hole” effect. She also recommends staying away from flat, mud brown-colored shadows, and instead using creamy, golden tones.

Natalie Portman:

Portman’s long, thick lashes automatically make her eyes stand out. Wearing navy blue mascara on bottom lashes will reflect up into the color of your eyes. When deciding what color of mascara to use, your hair color should be the telling factor. If you have dark, dramatic hair, go with black mascara. If you have light brown, red or blonde hair, Turnbow recommends dark brown or blue. well this s all about Best Celebrity Makeup Looks For Brown Eyes 2018.

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