How To Apply Blush Naturally & Properly

Every girl and woman wants to know how to apply blush naturally & properly in order to give a complete and beautiful look to their makeup. A healthy and a happy glow can make women look vibrant and alive. Which means that vitality and youth can be achieved by applying blush on the cheeks. However for this look it is very necessary that the right shade, right type and right techniques has been chosen for applying blush and getting the right look. There is no other such cosmetic which can change the look of women so much as blush does. But it is very necessary to apply it properly, if blush has not been applied properly it can do alternate effects. A right blush can enhance your features. It make the makeup last longer and blend well, it is also important to choose the blush formula which is same as the foundation is.

How To Apply Blush Naturally And Properly

How To Apply Blush Naturally & Properly

  • Right type of blush is very important, it can be liquid, cream blush, gel blush and airbrush blush. Powder blush works on almost all type of skins. However powder blush is best for the oily skin types and this should be applied with a fluffy and large brush. Cream blush is good for dry skin and aging skin due to its rich formula. On oily skin cream blush does not work well because these are very moisturizing and can emphasize the blemished skin. Cream blush is best to be applied with fingers. Gel or liquid blush can greater power of staying on skin and works best on normal to the oily skin. For dry skin this formula have longevity and dry them more. Gel or the liquid blush are best applied with fingers. Airbrush blush is the latest formula of blush and can be applied by using an airbrush machine. This formula is airy and light so it is best for all skin types.
  • Choosing the right shade of blush is also very important. The best shade is the one which brighten the face and make it look sallow, washed out and ashy. Take a look at your cheeks and take note of your color tones after that look for the colors that match with your natural flush. Warm complexions look best in colors like yellow and undertones like peach, copper, brown based pinks or coral. Cool undertones look best in berry colors or the bluish pinks.
  • After choosing the type of blush and its shade, now its time for its application. For a natural look you can combine bronze and a bright tone blush. Start the blush with apples of your cheeks and blend in dusting bronze below the cheekbone.For glowing and a radiant look apply pink toned blush to the apples of the cheeks and blend it with small drop of liquid highlighter over. For sagging skin choose a bright pink blush. You can have a dramatic look by blending the blush up towards your temples. This looks best at night.

Learning how to apply blush naturally and properly is not as much difficult but it is also not a child’s play, but this article will help you a lot in this.

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