How To Apply Kajal Perfectly On Eyes Easy Tips

Kajal is one of the most important fashion accessory that have been in fashion since last several centuries so it is very important for every girlĀ  and women to know how to apply kajal perfectly on eyes by using easy tips.The application of kajal is a common practice in Arabic as well as Indian families. Kajal is either in powdered or in paste form , kajal is the traditional way to make the eyes look more beautiful. Kajal is made from the natural things that include herbs and minerals. There are different types of kajal that are used by women, some are made from the burnt cumin seeds and some are made from the mineral rocks that are considered to be extremely healthy for the eyes. The natural kajal is also considered to help grow eyelashes. Women consider kajal as their best friend because this beautifies the eyes instantly while lighting up the complexion of your face. Kajal is a cosmetic product but it also has some medical properties which help in preventing the eye ailments. Asian and Arabic countries are famous for wearing kajal in different ways. Not only women but lot of men also wear kajal in order to protect their eyes. Kajal also make the eyes look bigger and prominent making them attractive for others.

How To Apply Kajal Perfectly On Eyes

How To Apply Kajal Perfectly On Eyes With Easy Tips

To know how to apply kajal on eyes perfectly you will need three main things:

  • Kohl Liner
  • Mirror
  • Cotton Swab
  • First of all wash your face completely and also your hands before starting the application of kajal.
  • In the start you should make the kajal smooth by pressing the tip gently on the top of your hand. Roll the kajal on point of your hand so that it can make the product slightest warm and also it will become easier in use.
  • Hold the kajal and press bottom of the eye in a smooth way.
  • After that just place out the kajal on waterline at the corner side of the eye. You should have mirror in front of you so that to know whether you are apply kajal correctly or not.
  • You can also smooth the area of eye by applying lotion on the area before applying kajal as smooth eye looks more attractive after application of kajal.
  • After that you can release up with the waterline of the eye by removing your finger on the lower eyelid.
  • If you have a steady hand then you can use some kajal on the fingertip and drag it smoothly along the waterline. Make sure that the hands are clean if you are applying kajal with the fingertip as there are chances of infection too.
  • If you want to create a smooth smoky effect then you can apply thick kajal line on the lower rim and smudge off the kajal line with the eyeshadow brush or smudger.
  • For the upper eyelid, close the eye and then line upper lid smoothly by starting from the inner corner up to the outer corner of the eye and gradually increase thickness.
  • For wedding or any other ceremonies, you can play with different color pencils, false eyelashes and eyeshadows. This will brighten up the eyes more.

When applying kajal it is very important to keep your eyes free of dark circles, the hue of dark circles will make your eyes look more dark in a larger area and thus making your skin tone dull and darker. Kajal is found in pencil, liquid, gel and powder formula, you can choose from these according to your preferences. It is aso very important to use the kajal of right brand as the market offers a wide variety of local to the high quality kajal. While knowing how to apply kajal perfectly on eyes by using easy tips it is also important to consider the ways by which you can prevent the kajal from smudging.

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