How To Apply Mehndi On Your Hands

Now a days it is not much difficult to know How To Apply Mehndi On Your Hands because the art of mehndi had spread all over the world and also the net had facilitated women a lot. For the application of henna paste or mehndi now a days the most popular methods are cones and jacquard bottles. But the user of mehndi most favorably like the cone which are made of rolled plastic, it has a small hole at the end and is similar to cake decorating tube. With the help of cone you can apply detailed mehndi designs as well as fine lines. Mehndi is available in the market as ready made tubes and these tubes make application of mehndi easy but mostly the professional artists avoid these ready made mehndi pastes because it is impossible to discern the ingredients which are added in it.

The third method of applying mehndi is very simple method but it is also wasteful. In this method the henna paste is spreaded on the entire stencil, which is in the shape of the hand and then this stencil is put on the hand. Thus the design is created on the hand. Fine needles and tooth picks are the extra tools in the application of mehndi. These tools help in picking up stray mehndi, fixing lines and lifting or moving a line. Sewing pins are also used to unclog the hole in the mehndi cone.

How To Apply Mehndi On Your Hands

How To Apply Mehndi On Your Hands

For applying mehndi you should prefer the homemade mehndi paste and make your own mehndi paste as this is more helpful and produce a good stain. For making your own henna paste you have to dry the henna leaves in shade. These leaves may take weeks to be dried and become crispy, when these leaves are dried fully grind them into fine powder. Or you can simple but the henna powder from the market. both can be used in the preparation of henna paste.

Now for making henna paste. take the henna powder in a bowl and in it add tea until it become thick paste. In it add sugar, lime juice and eucalyptus oil and mix them to make a fine, thin and smooth paste. now leave for at least 12 hours under a cloth. Now take a thick plastic cover or use any of the thick freeze bag and cut it in rectangular shape 7″ X 4″. Twist one corner of the cover to make a cone. Tighten tip of cone to make a hole. Hold the tip and fill the paste in the cone and tie broader end with a thread. And now you have your homemade mehndi cone.

Now you have your mehndi cone, hold the cone in your right hand and gently squeeze the paste on the palm and start making patterns. Keep the palm horizontal and keep it still. If you move your palm you can make your design horrible. Let the patterned paste rest on the palm until it is dry. Warm it near fire and leave it for as long time as you can so that the stain gets deeper. After that dab a cotton ball in a mixture of sugar and lemon juice and apply it in mehndi so that its hue become more dark. Then wash with water after it gets dry. I hope all these things have cleared you that How To Apply Mehndi On Your Hands so apply mehndi and enjoy this Eid.


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