How To Make A Bow Sash For A Dress With Ribbon At Home

It is important to know how to make a bow sash for a dress with ribbon at home so that you can design your dresses easily at home and save your time and money. A sash can be a accessory with both chic and classy touch for the variety of dresses. Sashes are very easy to make and for sashes you need little more than fabric and the thread. To give the extra support and body t the sash you can apply fusible interfacing to the interior of sash before stitching it. The sash needs to be long enough upto the length that it can easily tie around your waist in a bow or in a knot, depending upon your choice or preferences. Instead of fabric you can also use ribbon as a sash. Whether you are a flower girl on any wedding, dressing up for the first communion, attending a holiday gathering or wearing your wedding dress, appearance is everything for women and girls fr their special days. Everything in important for the complete look from the dress to the jewellery she is wearing. Dress with bow can be a perfect choice to look elegant on many occasions. Bow dresses are quite famous among young girls and also among women. Girls love to wear the bow dresses on their wedding day. And these dresses can also become the fashion trend for girls now-a-days.

How To Make A Bow Sash For A Dress With Ribbon

How To Make A Bow Sash For A Dress With Ribbon At Home Easily

  • For making a sash bow first of all you need t measure the waist f the girl with a measuring tape. Take a silk ribbon and cut the length upto about six inches wide which will be the same as the length of the waist of girl with additional 20 inches. You can even use a scarf of your favorite color to use as a sash bow.
  • Wrap this sash around waist of girl so that the ribbn verlaps slightly, exactly int the centre of the back. Using a safety pin attach it with the dress by pushing the pin through ribbon and then in the dress back out through dress and also ribbon from the other side before securing the clasp. You can also cut the additional ribbon.
  • Make a bow with the remaining ribbon such that there is eight inches ribbon on both sides and then push the safety pin from the center of the bow to place the bow in place. Pin the bow with the sash in the center of the back and make sure that you cover the safety pin by holding the sash to the dress.

Tie the bow can also be difficult thing to do for some women. To tie the bow first of all wrap the bow sash around the waist and then line up both sides lets consider side A and side B of the sash to be even, smooth and also straight. Now bring side A to right side directly over side B of sash or ribbon. Take side A directly under behind up over side B and make the first tightening tie. Now take excess part of side B and bring it back in such a way so that first loop is created. Bring side A behind around and through the side B while holding the first loop in place, open the hole B side and make the second loop of the sash. Be careful and also make sure that both sides of the sash are straight and also are in place as you pull it through the opening hole. Then straighten out excess of the sash from the bow and then expand the material of the loops of bow to make a round look. After knowing how to make a bow sash for a dress with ribbon at home you should make a pretty, smooth and even bow.

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