How To Make French Braid Ponytail Step By Step

The French Braid ponytail is a classic and beautiful hairstyle so girls want to know how to make French braid pony tail, for this step by step guidance have been given here. French braid ponytail is a combination of two hairstyles; French braid and the ponytail. French braid is the simplest form of three strand braid in which all the hairs are divided into three sections, which are then gathered together near the scalp. The final result of French braid is incorporation of all the hair into a smoothly woven pattern over the scalp. You can also create multiple French braids by using different sections of hairs. Whereas ponytail is a simple hair style in which all the hairs are pulled away from face and gathered on back. Combination of these two hairstyles will give you trendy and classy hairstyle.

How To Make French Braid Ponytail

How To Make French Braid Ponytail Step By Step

French braid ponytail hairstyle is very simple and it can be created quickly. This hair style looks very cute and also French braid helps to keep all the hair back so you do not need to put to many hairpins. Girls with layer cutting find difficulty in handling their hairs as in daily routine they want to tie hairs to stay relaxed. For those girls this is a perfect hairstyle. Ponytail is playful then a typical French braid so its easy to get both the styles. Following steps will help you make you own French braid ponytail hairstyle easily:

  • To get French braid ponytail hairstyle is very easy and it takes almost 10 minutes. First of all French braid the hairs. Start with the section of hair you like or you can simple start with the section f hair you usually start for the simple French braid. If you have bangs then you can start with you bangs and some extra hairs.
  • Take a large chunk of hair from top center of the head and section the hair into three parts. The section you begin with does not indicate the size of braid you will end up with. You start with small section and add hairs which makes braid gradually increase in size.
  • Take the three sections so that two strands are held in one hand and third stand is held in opposite hand. Create a few rows of regular braid by taking the strand on right crossing it over the centre. Then take the strand from the left and cross it over the centre.
  • Continue to do this crossing strands over the centre strand but gradually incorporating other pieces of hair. Because you are passing one strand over the other, grab another strand of hair from the loose pieces on the same side and include in the cross over.
  • As you continue down the head, you will notice that slowly the free hanging strands of hair diminishing. By the time when you reach nape of the neck with the main braid, all of the extra hair should have been drawn into the braid.
  • Braid the hairs back until all the hairs that are above ears is back into the French braid. This will hold your hairs back at a place and you will not need hairpins for setting your hairs.
  • After you have each at nape of your neck put the hairs into a pony tail.Tie your hairs together into a pony tail.
  • Brush the ponytail and you have the desire French braid ponytail hairstyle for the day.

French braid ponytail hairstyle looks good on straight and curl both type of hairs but it looks more good on curly hairs. I hope after reading this you will get to learn how to make French braid ponytail hairstyle step by step.

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