How To Make Ponytail With This Double Wrap Topsy Tail Easy Tutorial

Ponytail is the hottest trend and every girl look for new ponytail hairstyles, for those girls this easy tutorial of how to make ponytail with the double wrap topsy tail will be very interesting. There are many ways to style the ponytail and this hairstyle is not only common in women and girls but also in among celebrities. The double wrap topsy ponytail is the old school ponytail hairstyle which has become the super trendy look at this time. This hairstyle can turn the daily and usual ponytail into the trendy and specific hairstyle. This hairstyle seems too retro but this hairstyle can definitely turn some heads. This hairstyle can go with the casual as well as formal looks. You can carry this hairstyle on a normal day to the pool party.

Ponytail With Double Wrap Topsy Tail Easy Tutorial

How To Make Ponytail With Double Wrap Topsy Tail Easy Tutorial

Things You Need:

  • A comb
  • A couple of bobby pins
  • A hairbrush
  • Two clear hair rubber bands
  • A smoothing pomade (elective)
  • Soft hold aerosol hairspray


  • Smooth the hair into a ponytail by using the hairbrush at the mid of the underside of neck and fasten the ponytail with a rubber band.
  • Take a small section of hairs from your ponytail which is half inch thick and then pull it aside.
  • Wrap this section of hair around the ponytail to cover the rubber band used for fastening the ponytail and protect it using bobby pins. Spritz your hair in ponytail using an aerosol hairspray or the smoothing pomade and then comb through hairs so that ponytail become smooth.
  • Use an added little rubber band and fix it halfway down to the shaft of the ponytail.
  • Spread apart the section into two within using rubber bands. Flip the underside of tail through the opening and up.
  • Repeat this again for the second section and then spritz the whole hairstyle with the aerosol hairspray.

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