How To Makeup A Bride On Her Wedding Day

Tip about how to makeup a bride on her wedding day are very important to consider for getting a perfect look on the special wedding day. The wedding day brings forth a woman’s desire to look like a princess for a day or, at the least, to present a breathtaking image of herself. Anticipation, excitement, and happiness provide her with an inimitable radiance; however, mistakes in bridal makeup detract from that special beauty that comes only from within. If a woman does not already do this, she should begin a daily beauty routine that includes gentle cleansing, exfoliating, and drinking water. Ideally, she should begin on the day of her engagement. These three practices best provide a bride with the smooth, glowing skin that serves as a wonderful canvas on which to apply makeup. Gather bridal makeup in advance of the wedding. This allows plenty of time to play with color, practice applying the makeup, and discover whether each cosmetic works for the desired look or if an item needs replacement by another. Bridal makeup need not be the priciest on the market, but it should be oil free and long lasting when possible. The following tips provide expert advice on how to choose and use bridal makeup.

How To Makeup A Bride On Her Wedding Day

How To Makeup A Bride For Her Wedding Day

  • The use of foundation primer depends upon personal preference. Professional makeup artists include primer in their cosmetic cases for three beneficial reasons: It provides easier application and longer endurance of foundation, it absorbs oil, and it prevents foundation from becoming cakey. If a bride chooses not to use foundation primer, she can instead prepare her face with a good moisturizer.
  • Makeup artists and photographers advocate choosing powders rather than liquid foundation as the base for bridal makeup. Mineral makeup provides great coverage, lasts long, and gives a matte finish that works wonderfully for bridal pictures. If deciding to use liquid foundation, opt for an oil-free or matte-finish formulation, and choose a color with a hint of yellow that works well with all skin tones. Brides with very fair complexions can choose foundation with a hint of pink. Use a cosmetic sponge to apply liquid foundation: Sponges provide lighter, more even coverage than do fingers and do not leave lines from fingerprints in the finished face.
  • The need for concealer might not exist as the primer and foundation combination may not require help to even out skin tone. If the additional coverage is needed, apply concealer over the foundation. Applying the foundation first lessens the amount of concealer needed and prevents brides from looking overly made up. Choose oil-free concealers with a slightly yellow tone to cover red spots, pimples, or broken capillaries on the face, but choose a richer, creamier concealer with a peachy tinge for the skin beneath the eyes. Dry, oil-free concealers tend to cake under the eyes because the small area contains no oil glands and has drier skin than does the face. Apply concealer with a small brush by gently touching it to the blemish needing coverage and let the concealer melt over it; additionally, only apply a little at a time – it is easier to add more than remove too much.
  • An eyeliner pencil works adequately for bridal makeup, but if it contains waxy ingredients, it may fade quickly, run into tiny lines beneath the eye, and require frequent re-application. Cake eyeliner works better and lasts longer than a pencil, but it requires practice if it has not before been used. Regardless of the type used, gently dot the liner between the eyelash roots to give the lashes a lush, thick appearance.
  • Before applying color, experts advise priming the eyelid. Eye shadow primer creates a good base for applying color, gives the color longevity, and keeps the eye shadow from smudging. When putting on the eye shadow, apply the lighter, brighter colors on the area of the eyelid close to the nose, and graduate the color so that the further the color gets from the nose, the darker becomes the color. Placing lighter eye shadow on the inside and darker eye shadow on the outside keeps the eye open, which results in beautifully big, bright eyes. A very small amount of light, shimmery powder applied to the innermost corner of the eyes with a tiny brush lets eyes look bright and alert.
  • Unless a bride wants to use false eyelashes, mascara ranks high on the bridal makeup list. Long, dark, and thick lashes create a beautiful frame that accentuates eyes and turns them into a lovely focal point. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong mascara can ruin the cosmetics used on the bride’s face; fortunately, one mascara container holds many applications, so a woman can experiment with different types in order to find the lash enhancer that works best for her wedding day. Regardless of color, which depends upon the bride’s complexion, natural lashes, and preference, mascara worn on the wedding day must have two qualities: waterproof and non-flaking. If the mascara is not waterproof, a bride risks streaks of it running down her face, and removing the streaks will ruin the rest of the bridal makeup. Likewise, mascara flakes melt into dark smudges around the entire eye area, and the focal point of the face becomes a dark mess. Experiment with different mascaras until finding one that will last through the entire wedding day without dropping a flake.
  • Use blush for a healthy, radiant glow. For bridal makeup, experts prefer powder blush, which does not shine as much as cream blush. If using blush in cream form, however, dust the color with powder to set it, and include oil-blotting sheets in a touch-up bag. If possible, use a blush formulated for extended wear.
  • It is inescapable: Brides do a lot of kissing on their wedding day. Whether she opts for lipstick, lip stain, or lip-gloss, a woman’s best lip color choice is to find a lasting product for her wedding day. Many companies produce lip color created to last an entire day, but repeated applications of a conditioning lip balm may be needed to prevent the lips from drying out. A bride can make regular lipstick last longer by applying a layer, blotting her lips with tissue paper, lightly powdering the lips, and applying a second layer of lipstick. Before applying any lip color, lightly exfoliate the lips using a lip scrub; gently massaging the lips with a toothbrush also works. After exfoliation removes dead, dry flakes of skin, moisturize the lips with lip balm. These two quick steps prepare the lips for color. To keep lip color from bleeding, define the lips, and to keep the color lasting longer, use a lip pencil to fill in the entire surface of the lips. Follow this step whether lip color comes in stick, stain, or gloss form. All these points will help you to know how to makeup a bride on her wedding day.

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