How To Say Merry Christmas In Pakistan

December 25 is considered as the big day of the year and there is also some facts show on this day. This day is known as the Christmas day and the Christian Family celebrate this day in the Good memory of Jesus Christ and here we are going to explain you that How To Say Merry Christmas In Pakistan. This day is the Pubic Holiday in Pakistan and not only in Pakistan the 25th of December is considered as the Public Holiday all around the world. On the arrival of Christmas every year we see the preparations of the Christmas event. The people who have believe on this day try to make this day more peaceful, happy and joyful.

There are different kinds of people live at the different areas or the world and every people or nation has its own specific culture or tradition to celebrate an event.

How To Say Merry Christmas In Pakistan

How To Say Merry Christmas In Pakistan

The Christian people or families of other countries or regions try to celebrate their Christmas event according to their own customs and celebrations. But in Pakistan the Christian people or families also live and they celebrate this big day in their own specific style. In Pakistan on the day of Christmas people prepare themselves and all gathered on the specific points or areas such as they gathered on the Churches. First of all they do prayer in the memory of Jesus Christ and then greet with each other along with a roar or smiles and happiness. Then they celebrate cake cutting ceremonies and distribute cakes and sweets amongst the circles of their relatives, friends and family members. The cake cutting ceremonies runs whole of the day and not only the day but also in the night we see the cake cutting ceremonies by the Christian people or families.

The smiling faces with “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Christmas” we see our around. But in the Pakistan there is another common saying use on this day instead of happy Christmas or Marry Christmas and this saying comprises on the words like “Bada Din Mubarik Ho” most of the cultural people try to use these words To Say Merry Christmas In Pakistan. Moreover, people invite each other on their houses or restaurants for having or giving treats or meal parties on the occasion of Christmas. People or Loving Birds also exchange gifts with each other. Culturally people also like to décor their houses. They try to illuminate their houses, streets, bazaars and Churches on the arrival of Christmas and this glitter on whole of the Christmas occasion.

People also try to arrange a tree which is known as a Christmas tree. This thing is known as a Holy thing on this event and almost everyone tries to have a Christmas tree on their houses. The Christmas trees are also lighted up on the Eve of Christmas and these not only add the beauty of the houses but also give the actual cultural or religious look of your houses.

“Merry Christmas”

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