Indian Bridal Makeup Ideas And Tips For Wedding

Here is a list of ideas and tips that will give you the perfect Indian bridal makeup for the wedding. For any Indian girl, bridal makeup is not just to make her look elegant and exquisite – it is also part of a time-honored tradition. With statement eyes complemented with deep red-shaded lips, the newlywed is created to look nothing short of impressive on her wedding. Red is considered as a time-honored shade of choice for the wedding saree, and makeup works together with the outfit. Red pouts often match the red bridal outfit. Weddings are once in a life time occasions and since the entire ceremony is captured in a video tape and photographs, bridal makeup is an integral part of getting the bride ready for the ceremony. After all, the bride is going to be the center of attraction and hence she should stand out at the ceremony. It’s a that very special day where we want each and everything perfect, best and upto our mark. But this strive for perfection sometimes makes us feel stressed out and fearful about any mishaps that may happen on the the day. But don’t worry following tips will help you to get the perfect bridal makeup.

Indian Bridal Makeup Tips For Wedding

Indian Bridal Makeup Ideas And Tips

  • Eyes are mirror the essence of the Indian bridal makeup. Attractive, statement eyes are noticed on several Indian brides. Go for an eyeshadow primer to the eyelids prior to putting on any makeup. This makes it easier for eye shadow to remain in place and avoids it from creasing. Apply a dense brown eyeshadow using a shaping brush to shape the line of the eye. A gold-colored eyeshadow can be used to the outward line. Using a sheer bright pearl to the inward edge of the eye creates the eyes pop and makes a luminous, open effect. Put on a dense Kajol eyeliner to the above and lower lash lines.
  • Prior to using lipstick, put on a lip balm a few minutes ago. This assists in avoiding the lips from becoming dry. Cover the outward of the lips using a red lip liner. Combine the liner somewhat in a light manner. Put on a matte red-colored lipstick to the lips in dual layers. If coveted, end up the lips with a clue of lip gloss. Put on the gloss straightly to the center of the lips to make the appearance of fuller lips.
  • Your foundation should be the one that stays on throughout the wedding without smudging or smearing off. Though your regular liquid or mineral-based foundation are good options, but it’s your wedding you can’t take any risk. Airbrush foundation gives perfect base while also preventing a caked-on appearance. With the application of this foundation technique, you can shape the cheekbones. A gentle finish can be achieved using airbrush foundation. Get rid of dense, painted-on makeup for your special big day. You will be clicked with so many photographs, so it is essential to have flawless skin.
  • Carved cheekbones help in making a contoured appearance. Pick a powder which is two shades denser than your natural complexion. Apply it using an angled blush brush in order to outline the cheek bones. Begin from the point that matches with the center of your eye just beneath the cheekbone area and combine upwards in a sloped position. Use a gentle blush to the main parts of the cheeks. A liquid highlighter can be used professionally with the fingertips just over the cheekbone for a delicate glow.

Indian bridal makeup ideas and tips given above for wedding are suitable for Indian girls of different skin tones and will make them look more beautiful.

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