Indian Brides Prefer Sarees On Wedding

Saree is the dress that suits and fit on each and everyone regardless of their shape and size and this dresses also famous for simplicity with style. A brides chooses her wedding dress according to her religion, cultures, traditions and interests. In Indian traditional weddings sarees are very much in fashion.Sarees are becoming very popular not only in India but also in other countries. Indian Brides prefer sarees to wear on their wedding day. The young generation are also selecting sarees because it looks stylish and is also tune with their times. The Indian bridal sarees are the traditional bridal wear for the women of India.

Indian bridal sarees are specially designed to make the Indian brides look and feel beautiful.Compared with all the Western bridal wear, Indian bridal sarees are the most popular and appreciated outfit for every woman in India. Most of the brides in India prefer elegant and pretty sarees to wear on their wedding ceremony. Also the Indian families give much importance to bridal sarees. There is hardly any western wear that can beat this traditional dress.Not only the brides the relatives of the bride also prefer these sarees on wedding occasion.

Indian Brides Prefer Sarees On Wedding

Indian Brides Prefer Sarees On Wedding

Indian bridal sarees are mostly made of silk fabric. And the silk fabric is also traditional for Indian bridal sarees. But according to the changing trends this trend of bridal sarees is also changing. Now a days we see that brides go for crepe, Georgette, net , chiffon, kanchi, tissue, banarsi, shamoi-satin and disheen. Generally the choice of fabric depends upon some factors like latest trends, personal interest of the bride and also budget. But one thing is sure that the bridal saree will be adorned with stone work, crystals, beads, coins, heavy embroidery and other embellishments.

The color of the saree is also very important. Since ancient times red sari has been the traditional wear in India. Not only in India but also in the sub-continent red color has the value of traditional color for the wedding. But now a days according to latest trends brides have started choosing other colors in Indian bridal sarees such as golden, maroon, magenta, yellow, brown, pink, onion color and orange etc. When color combinations are also in trend these days like red and yellow, yellow and orange, red and green, pink and blue and green and brown.

Indian bridal sarees are very pricy because of pure silk and threads of gold in them. Lavish prints in gold and sequins work is done on the pallu of these sarees which make them focus of attraction. Wedding sarees with pearl work, zari work and stone work are very famous among modern and stylish brides. Indian bridal sarees are known for pretty patterns of kundan work, embroidery work and mirror work. Also the contrast patch work makes these sarees attractive and stunning. Among all the bridal sarees the Banarsi sari is the most popular one.  Zari work, stone and mirror work on Banarsi sari make it look gorgeous and beautiful.  Due to all this variety and popularity of sarees all over the world Indian brides prefer sarees on wedding.

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