Indian Wedding Chura Designs For Brides 2019

Indian Wedding Chura Designs For Brides 2019 are usually in red, maroon, white, cream and green colors. Chura is the set of bangles that is usually in white and red color, however the red color can be replaced with any other colors. Mostly Chura consists of Stylish Bangles Designs of two colors. Chura is worn y the Indian brides in their wedding day. However this tradition is also seen in many other countries other than India. This tradition of wearing chura was originated in Punjab, North India. This tradition is not only followed by Hindu families but also be the Sikh families. Chura is basically worn by the bride for 40 days from the day shes put it on and on the 40th day only husband can remove chura for her. Bride can also wear other chura after that for as long as she like and this can be in any color. On the morning of wedding day chura is given to the bride by maternal uncle and aunt.

Indian Wedding Chura Designs For Brides 2019 is specially designed for the beautiful and lovely brides and the colors of chura make brides more energetic and give them bright feelings for the coming future days. Chura shows that girl is a new bride, as it is worn for 40 days so new bride does not take part in any household work for these 40 days. When ever the though about North Indian wedding comes in mind chura is the first fashion accessory that will come into the mind.

Indian Wedding Chura Designs For Brides 2019

Indian Wedding Chura Designs For Brides 2019

Chura is the fashion accessory that symbolized that a girl is getting married or is newly married. Chura can be made u of plastic or it can also be of elephant tusk. It is also decorated with beautiful stones and beads. Every girl dream to wear chura on her wedding day so that she can look more gorgeous. When chura is removed, there is a small gathering of family members and sweets are served to them. In old times chura was worn for 1 year after the wedding to show that girl is a new bride. But modern brides wear it only for 40 days and after that they remove chura. As working with chura is difficult so some bride remove all bangles of chura on 40th day except two bangles and they remove these two bangles after 1 year to fulfill this tradition. Indian Wedding Chura Designs For Brides 2019 keep on changing with the changing bridal fashions.

With the increasing demand and popularity of wedding chura many jewelers are designing new designs and styles of chura. High quality and variety of chura designs are now available in the markets. Chura is also designed according to the wedding dress of the bride to give her more elegant look. Designer Indian Wedding Chura Designs For Brides 2019 are now more preferred by brides and these have beautiful stone work done on them. Brides use different accessories with their bridal dresses to make them more beautiful and among all these accessories chura is an important accessory specially for the brides of Punjab.

Chura is red, maroon color with white or cream color combination and white stones give elegant look to the wrists of brides. Indian Wedding Chura Designs For Brides 2019 for brides given in the gallery below will give traditional and eye catching look to the brides. Chura designs always represents prosperity and fertility and as these are in red color which is the color of love so chura bangles also show feelings of love.

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