Katan Lawn Summer Collection Dresses 2014

Women will surely love to wear Katan Lawn summer collection dresses 2014 in this summer season. Katan Lawn is a new fabric brand in the fashion industry of Pakistan. At the present time Katan Lawn is offering unstitched clothes but this brand aims to provide read to wear clothes for women soon. The aim of Katan Lawn is to provides clothes of latest fashion trends to the women of Pakistan. Katan Lawn is providing very trendy and fashionable dresses for those women who wants to have bright and nice looking dresses and designs without compromising on the price of dresses. The dress designs by Katan Lawn are creative as well as authentic.

Katan Lawn Summer Collection 2014

Katan Lawn Summer Dresses Collection 2014

Katan Lawn summer dresses 2014 are consisting of three piece suits. Katan Lawn collection is consisting of long shirts, matching trousers, tights or shalwars with dupattas. The colors used in this collection are lively and bright. These bright colors are increasing the charm of these dresses. Red, green, pink, blue, purple, orange, brown etc are the colors used in this collection. This collection is perfect to wear as casual wear, formal wear, semi-formal wear as well as party wear. The dresses of this summer collection are printed. Prints of the shirts are very elegant and beautiful.

Unique prints and designs can be seen in this collection with bright colors. Prints used in this collection include geometrical, floral, abstract and traditional prints. Apart from prints embroidery work has also been done on the dresses, this embroidery work is making this collection perfect for women to wear on different parties and functions. The dresses of this collection are in the form of unstitched fabric. As the dresses of Katan Lawn summer collection dresses 2014 are in unstitched form so women can use these dresses to designs the outfit according their designs and styles.

The fabric used in this collection is of very fine quality and is perfect to wear in the hot summer season as well as is comfortable.

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