Khaadi Conversational Dresses Collection 2014

Ready to wear outfits have been included in Khaadi conversational dresses collection 2014. Khaadi brand was launched by fashion designer Shamoon Sultan. This clothing brand has launched in 1998 and now it has developed into a complete fashion house. Khaadi is known for the happiness, hottest styles, textures and yummy colors. Khaadi uses pure fabrics of cotton and silk which capture the attention and hearts of many people. The aim of Khaadi is to revive the hand woven fabric tradition. Khaadi brand is not only famous in Pakistani fashion industry but it is as well popular on international level. Khaadi has introduced different types of dresses for every season for girls and women. Khaadi provides a wide range of outfits for both women and men.

Khaadi Conversational Dresses 2014

Khaadi Conversational Dresses Collection 2014 For Women

Khaadi conversational dresses 2014 are a perfect syntheses for the West and East. This collection is consisting of trendy designs and the lively colors. Bright and dark colors such as orange, blue, black and white are mostly seen in this collection. The prints of the shirts are amazing and include block prints, floral print and screen prints. Little embroidery has also been done on the neckline of the shirts. The conversational dresses of this collection have the modern and composed prints which will give women limitless options to explore their creativity and will give them the flexibility to wear these stunning shirts with tights and jeans.

This collection is a casual wear collection but women can also use these dresses as formal wear with high ends and cuts. The casual dresses of this collection are very comfortable too. Khaadi conversational collection is a perfect way to become bold, have fun and for the trendy statements of this season. This collection is consisting of long straight shirts with trousers, tights and jeans. With these dresses to create interesting necklines you can simple wrap the dupatta or a scarf around the neck. Khaadi conversational dresses collection 2014 has been designed according to the fashion demands and needs of women.

The model presenting these conversational dresses is Isra Shafi. Photography was done by Humayun M, styling by Aarij Hashimi and makeup by Altaf.

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