Kundan Bridal Matha Patti Designs For Wedding

Kundan bridal matha patti designs for wedding are very demanding among women these days because matha patti is hottest trend among brides from the last one year. The matha patti is not a very common wedding jewellery piece and is even forgotten sometimes. But matha patti completes the look of a bride. If the bride is wearing a not so heavy piece of necklace then the matha patti can help you to give a complete appearance. Matha patti is a traditional form of the jewelery that is used in many countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. for brides. Matha patti is worn from the part of hairs and it looks beautiful if it is worn alone wit head scarves, veils and other head coverings. When matha patti is attached with hairs it is further secured with bobby pins. Matha patti consists of many chains along with a tikka at the center. The tikka is mostly attached with the chains to form one jewellery piece. A matha patti is normally worn along the hair line but it can also be worn Arabic style off the face.

Kundan Bridal Matha Patti Designs For Brides

Kundan Bridal Matha Patti Designs For Brides

Matha patti adorns the forehead of women in the Indian sub continent and is traditionally restricted for a bride or the married woman. However as the fashion trends are changing some single women are also using this. Among all the jewellery items kundan jewellery is the most famous one among ladies these days and also the kundan matha patti looks very gorgeous and stunning too. Kundan matha patti evoke a royal princess or the fantasy fairytale touch to the looks of a bride. By wearing these kundan matha patti sets brides can make a big fashion statement on their wedding day. Mostly brides wear kundan matha patti on wedding day but some also wear these on other events of wedding.

Kundan jewellery never goes out of fashion, it always remain in the trends. Other than kundan matha pattis are also consisting of beads, stone, gems etc. Kundan matha patti can be in the form of single layer or can also be multi layered. Women with wide forehead are recommended to wear matha patti as if your forehead in not wide then matha patti will cover your whole forehead and it will also not look decent. Matha patti has become the important fashion accessory these days and in found in different colors and different styles, that make the foreheads of women look beautiful on wedding ceremonies, religious gatherings and cultural events and you can different designs of kundan bridal matha patti for wedding in the gallery given below.

Matha patti is also an expensive jewellery item, specially the delicate matha patti is the more expensive one than the heavy ones.

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