Lakme Makeup Kit Price in Pakistan

this is the world of fashion and now in this era the makeup art has also become one of the most common fashion and today we will discuss Lakme Makeup Kit Price in Pakistan. People especially women do not take this only as fashion but it also has become a basic need of every kind of women. Makeup is an art by which one can make its look perfect as she wants. Makeup is the art that is not only using to apply by only women but this is also utilizing by the male. No doubt, makeup gives the beautiful, stunning, gorgeous and permanent look but there is one issue also takes birth that which kind of makeup is suitable for the skin.

There are many kinds of makeup or cosmetic companies or brands are running in the markets but this is not true that all these products are genuine and are suitable for the skin. So, this is the main task to get the best product because you want to make your look good and perfectly not to make it bad or incomplete.

Lakme Makeup Kit Price in Pakistan

Lakme Makeup Kit Price in Pakistan

From the best cosmetic products manufacturing companies or brands the best one is the Lakme makeup brand. Yes! It is one of the most famous brands and the main reason behind its popularity is its good quality of the products and permanent or long lasting effect. This brand is first found in India, in 1952, by Hindustan Unilever and here on this page we are going to discuss Lakme Makeup Kit Price in Pakistan. This brand provides cosmetic products, makeup products and also gives the Salon services to its customers. The main or famous products that are made by this brand in the earliest times and are still common or also are still making are the lakme lip products, lakme hair products, lakme nail products, lakme skin products, lakeme eyes products and some others.

Lakme has introduced the latest face makeup kits and all these are available in all the finest markets even at your door step. From the face or facial makeup kits the best one or the top one is the lakme 9 to 5 makeup kit. Lakme Makeup Kit Box Price in Pakistan or facial are available for selling with the price range from 900 PKR to 2000 PKR.

The price changes due to the quality as well as quantity bases. However, the latest lipstick shades, eye shades, nail paints are also launched by Lakme cosmetic brand. In the lipstick collections Dark Purple shade, Dark brownish shade, double color shade, Orange shade, pink shades are launched. There are lip pencils of related colors and different colors are also launched. These are available in the pack form and the Lakme Liquid Foundation Kit Price in Pakistan of pack ranges from 900 PKR to 1500 PKR.

However, these are in single quantity also available. In case of nail paint, Green, lighted Pink, Dark pink, Red, Cherry, Sea Green, Lighted Brown colors or shades are come to see. These are also available in the pack form and are also available as a single product. The Lakme Bridal Makeup Kit Price in Pakistan of pack ranges from 1000 PKR 1500 PKR.

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