Latest Summer Fruit Nail Art Design Ideas For Beginners

Latest summer fruit nail art designs and ideas given here for the beginners are very simple and easy to make by giving your fingernail a colorful look. Nothing is better than a fresh fruit in the summer season. In summer people love to eat different fresh fruits. Other then eating these fruits you can also create them on your nails which will look more interesting. Let you creativity and imaginations do the stunning nail art designs this summer season. For the summer season, fresh, juicy, colorful and tasty fruit designs are the nail art patterns. If it is hard to choose what fruit you want to create on your fingernails then go for all fruits. You can also draw your favorite fruit on the nails. For drawing fruit nail art designs you can take your inspiration from the little girls. Little girls have huge imaginations, they use unusual colors and they are always ready to try new things. Using the little girl theme use the fluorescent and bright colors that will add charm in your nail art design. Fruit nail art designs are simple to do and these are whimsical in their charm. For making fruit nail art designs you will not going to need any glue or other adhesive material. You can stuck the decals of the fruits with the help of nail paint.

Latest Summer Fruit Nail Art Design And Ideas

Latest Summer Fruit Nail Art Design Ideas

The colors and the choice of fruit depend on the personal choice in fruit nail art designs. In summer bright colors look more charming. There is no season to go crazy with the nail art designs, women love to apply nail art designs in every season. Nail art designs are the latest trend and these are applied by women on different occasions, parties and even on the wedding ceremonies. For the fruit nail art designs draw the summer fruits on the top of your fingernails. These nail art designs make the nails look attractive and chic. You can make simply a strawberry on the nail tips. This nail art is simple all you need to do is to apply red color shade on the whole nail. Now add green color on the tip of the nail to give a strawberry look. You can also apply black dots to add more fun. You can also create watermelon on your nails by filling whole nails with red color. Add green color on the tips and you can add black dot in between to give the effect of the seeds of watermelon. You can also create 3D fruit nail art designs with nail paint.

For the 3D fruit nail art designs you will need a clear coat of the nail polish which will be used as the base. A nail art kit in which there will be components of the fruit salad. You can get the nail art kit for fruit nail art designs from many stores. A bright nail color that needs to be fluorescent. You will also need the Q tips and nail polish remover so that you can clean out the edges of the nails for a smooth finish. You can also use a top coat that will give the nail art design a polished look. First of all remove the traces of nail paint of you have applied any. Now apply the base coat and let it dry. Now apply the nail color that you want to apply. Let it dry. Now paint a layer of the clear nail polish on the nail, do it on one nail at a time. Pick the fruit decal carefully that you want to use and stuck it on the polished area very carefully. Set it firmly and also press it so that that adheres. Do it on all the nails carefully. When the fruit decal is firmly stuck then wait for the polish to dry and then apply a layer of top coat.

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Latest summer fruit nail art designs and ideas for beginners given here will give your nail and eyes a refreshing effect.

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