Long Shirt With Short Trousers Churi Pajama

Long shirts and short shirts with trousers or churidar pajamas are one of the latest and hottest fashion trends in Pakistan at this time. It is in the nature of human that he wants change. Every one in this world wants to get something new and something changed in life and every one wants to look good in community. For this dresses is the main thing and it plays an important role in making a person look good. The way of clothing in change in every country and in every region depending on the weather and environment. By looking at your surroundings you will see many types of dresses in your communities. In Pakistan the national dress in shalwar kameez other than shalwar kameez you can see churidar pajamas, dress pants, jeans, shirts, T-shirts, ghagra, frocks and many more in our country. This clothing is according to climate, religion, culture and traditions of Pakistan. Women spend more money on clothing and in clothing of women there are more fashion following than men.

Long Shirt With Short Trousers Churi Pajama

Long Shirt With Short Trousers Churi Pajama

The national dress of Pakistan is shalwar kameez for both women and men. The look and style of shalwar kameez is really awesome but the trend of wearing shalwar kameez keeps on changing with time. The new and latest trends of shalwar kameez are long shirts with trousers or churidar pajamas and trousers. Short shirts with churidar pajamas are also in fashion these days. Some girls also wear long A-lined shirts with bell shaped sleeves and short sleeves these days. This fashion trend is very attractive and new. It gives a decent and charming look to women and changes their looks completely. Shalwar kameez is the national dress and it looks beautiful in all styles.

Loose and fitted shirts both are in trend these days. Shalwar is also seen in many styles like dhoti shalwar which is combined with a short shirt. Churidar pajamas are also combined with normal shirts with short as well as churidar sleeves. This fashion trend is getting popular throughout the world. In countries like Indonesia, Bangladesh, India and many others shalwar kameez dresses is getting very popular these days. In Pakistan there are many boutiques which are selling these shalwar kameez dress in Western countries. Many designers also showcase their collections in this dresses and launch new designs of long shirts with short trousers and churidar pajamas styles of shalwar kameez.

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Long shirts with short trousers and churidar pajamas is the type of outfit which has specially been designed for young girls and women of young ages. It makes the look of girls more stylish and also give them a traditional look.

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