Loreal Lipstick Color Swatches, Chart Collection 2019

Gloss-like color can be seen in Loreal Lipstick Color Swatches, Chart Collection 2019. This time it’s L’Oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire liquid lipstick, and if you don’t already have four or five of them, catch up already. They’re one of the least expensive ways to take five years off your face. After the searingly bright tones of Summertime makeup, Fall cosmetics usually brings a respite from all that riot of colour, with neutral hues being the perfect transition pieces to go from one season to the next. These four Loreal Lipstick Color Swatches, Chart of L’Oréal’s Collection Privée that I’m showing here today, created in tandem with the celebrities for which they are named, take nude to different new levels, all while keeping your lips super moisturized and looking perfectly chic.

Part of the official Toronto Film Festival® (TIFF) Collection – along with the 4 matching nail lacquers (review to follow), get ready for some nude-hot red carpet glamour. All these limited edition lipsticks come in a black rubberized outer casing with gold details: the brand name embossed upon the middle ring of the case and silkscreened on the cap’s surface, as well as a replica signature of each celebrity.

Loreal Lipstick Color Swatches, Chart Collection 2019

Loreal Lipstick Color Swatches, Chart Collection 2019

The Loreal Lipstick Color Swatches, Chart Collection 2019 shown are all ultra moisturizing and smoothly applying, and while lasting power ranges between 2-3 hours, with the palest shade coming in surprisingly at the longer end of the scale, there is a balm-like hydrated feel to the lips once the initial colour has worn off. The scent reminds me of classic old-world lipsticks – somewhat luxurious and a cross between slightly floral and honey-like, although once applied, I didn’t seem to notice it for long. There is a small gold tab on the lipstick part of the case, which helps the cap fit in snugly and close with a satisfying snick – a nice touch that also provides extra security to ensure your lipstick cap won’t get lost in the bottom of your makeup bag. They are called the “Collection Privee: Women of Worth.”  Each shade of lipstick and nail color has been specially created to flatter the skintone and coloring of each of their spokesmodels.  I am not sure if this is a limited edition type thaaang or going to become part of their permanent collection.

The Color Riche formula has been a personal favorite formula for me.  The color is nicely pigmented, creamy, and wears beautifully for hours.  It has a slightly odd scent and flavor that I could do without, but generally the scent fades within the first 20 minutes for me.  The retail cost is usually under $10.  I love finding such a great pigment in a lipstick at that price. What I love about the L’Oreal nude collection is that some of the shades have a hint of pink in them.  I don’t like getting the “zombie lip” look with a super pale lipstick.  Nude lipstick can sometimes wipe out the color from my face.  These L’Oreal shades really flattered and enhanced my skin tone.  These are gorgeous Loreal Lipstick Color Swatches, Chart Collection 2019 and very wearable.  The hint of pink in some shades get a huge A+ from me.  I already went back and bought an extra tube of the “J Lo” shade because I’m so in love with it and don’t want to use it all up and find out this are limited edition shades. L’Oreal Paris was the Official Sponsor for this year’s Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

In celebration of this, L’Oreal collaborated with their star-studded line-up of spokesmodels to create L’Oréal Collection Privée. Each celebrity has their own Colour Riche Lipcolours and matching Colour Riche Nailcolours. f you’re familiar with MAC terminology, the finish of these lipsticks are similar to glaze or lustre formulations.  It’s non-drying, glossy, and sheer.  The downside of this formulation is that it will only last on your lips for 2-3 hours.  Also, if there are any dry patches to your lips, it will cling onto it.  So make sure you exfoliate and moisturize well.  If you do have dry patches and are desperate to wear these lipstick, don’t use it with a heavy hand. Let’s first talk about the packaging.  It’s super luxurious for a drugstore brand.  These special edition lipsticks are encased in a matte black tube (similar to NARS) with “L’Oreal Paris” engraved in the gold detailing.  Printed on each tube is the celebrity’s signature of Loreal Lipstick Color Swatches, Chart Collection 2019

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