MAC Cosmetics Lipstick Colors And Swatches Collection 2018

MAC Cosmetics Lipstick Colors And Swatches Collection 2018 is a fun and playful collection with delicious shades. MAC Cosmetics is the manufacturer of the cosmetics which has the headquarters in New York City. MAC is the abbreviation of the Makeup Artist Cosmetics that was founded in the year 1984 in Toronto, Canada by Frank Angelo and Frank Tosan. The first MAC store was opened in the year 1991 in New York City. There are variety of products that are provided by MAC Cosmetics for the everyday consumer. MAC Cosmetics also provide new colors of lipsticks. MAC Mystical Lipstick is the new color of the lipstick created by MAC Cosmetics. All MAC Lipstick Swatches 2018 can be seen in the gallery below.

This is the special and limited edition specially designed for the summer season of 2018. MAC Mystical Lipstick is a very stunning lipstick shade which is dusky and also has warm shade of rose. This color can be used daily very easily and also looks quite delicious. This lipstick shade provides a glossy sheen to the lips. It is very comfortable for the lips and it has the wear time of almost five hours.

MAC Cosmetics Lipstick Colors And Swatches Collection 2018

MAC Cosmetics Lipstick Colors And Swatches Collection 2018

MAC Glam Lipstick is another shade of MAC Cosmetics Lipstick Colors And Swatches Collection 2018. MAC Glam Lipstick is a bold and a brightened color. It is medium pink-red shade with the strong and cool blue undertones and a satin finish. It is an opaque and a rich color which is covered with a lightly creamy consistency. It can be worn well for almost 8 hours and it will not dehydrate or dry.  Hoop Lipstick is the mid-toned rosy pink shade of lipstick with the matte finish. It is the warm tones pink lipstick. It has the full and opaque pigmentation and it has a creamy consistency. It is easy in application and can be applied evenly.

MAC Pink Poodle Lipstick is the vivid and fuchsia pin shade. It has a medium dark and fuchsia pink shade with soft and frosted finish. It has the semi opaque color coverage and this shade will last for 5 hours. This MAC Cosmetics Lipstick Colors And Swatches Collection 2018 is also a little drying. This is the must have shade for the young girls and will make the lips look attractive and beautiful.

MAC Freckletone is another shade of MAC which is the neutral peach in shade having a luster finish. It is a sheer shade and it will look fantastic if you pair this shade with deep brown smoky eyes. MAC Angel is a soft pink shade of lipstick which has the frost finish. It is not like other frost lipsticks in appearance. It is the nude color and it will look good only if you are wearing heavy eye makeup.

MAC Crosswires on the other hand is a beautiful pink coral lipstick shade, it is a bright shade which is also wearable. This color will look good on all types of skin tones. It is one of the best shades of MAC Lipsticks. MAC Chatterbox is a bright and a slightly cool pin shade. This lipstick is amplified crème. It is a blue based pink lipstick shade and it does not go with the warm complexion. It is a fabulous color for the cooler skin tones. MAC Cosmetics Lipstick Colors And Swatches Collection 2018 has all the shades given above with attractive appearances. The makeup products of MAC were firstly used by the professional makeup artists but now MAC Cosmetics sold its products all over the world.

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