Matha Patti With Open Hair Tikka Designs 2019

Matha patti adorns the forehead of women in the Indian sub continent  so here is the Matha Patti With Open Hair Tikka Designs 2019 as it is traditionally restricted for a bride or the married woman. However as the fashion trends are changing some single women are also using this. Among all the jewellery items kundan jewellery is the most famous one among ladies these days and also the kundan bridal matha patti designs look very gorgeous and stunning too. Kundan matha patti evoke a royal princess or the fantasy fairytale touch to the looks of a bride. The mang tikka (or mangtika) is a chain with a gorgeous pendant usually worn by Indian brides to accentuate a center part.

Often the chain is embellished as well and the well defined part helps keep the chain in place. The most traditional and most common hairstyle for the maang tikka pulls hair back tightly with a center part. Matha Patti With Open Hair Tikka Designs 2019 is very traditional jewellery and gives a traditional look to bride , but mostly girls feels hesitation about wearing this, because it is not so common. This specially suits to Walima bride.

Matha Patti With Open Hair Tikka Designs 2019

Matha Patti With Open Hairstyles 2019

Being a Punjabi girl Maang tikka is a must have in jewellery, But I love Jhoomar’s and Maatha Patti’s as well. These jewellery pieces look Royal n so elegant and can easily transform your look. Royal Queen’s used to wear Jhoomar and Matha patti’s and I think to look like a modern maharani, One piece of either Jhoomar or Matha Patti Or Both should be a part of your Trousseau as well. I’ve found these real brides wearing these cuties n they look Fabulous. The Matha Patti With Open Hair Tikka Designs 2019 is a not-so-common wedding jewellery piece that is ever so forgotten. But I think it completes the bridal look. If you are wearing a not-so-heavy piece of necklace then the matha patti helps in giving a more complete appearance. he center part without any volume is unforgiving and a don’t for many face shapes. For round or long face, high foreheads, or ladies who prefer some softness around the face, hiding the tikka chain gives many more bridal hairstyle options. Now you can wear an updo, hair half up, or even those ultra flattering and comforting side bangs.

To rock side bangs with a tikka specially Matha Patti With Open Hair Tikka Designs 2019, check out Hina and Latif’s wedding photos. She is stunning with deep side bangs across the forehead and the jewel dangling just below. Some people prefer the balane and clean lines of the traditional part but wearing side bangs is a more modern version with delightful hint of asymmetry. Another option to wear the mang tikka without the side part is to choose a hairstyle with a pouf of volume at the front and hide the chain in the hair. This opens up a ton of hairstyle options and is so much more flattering, especially for round face shapes.

These same styles work for the borla, the Rajastathani version of the tikka that ends in a spherical, rather than flat, pendant. This Indian bridal hair accessory is gaining in popularity, seen in Jodha Akbar, Balika Vadhu, and even the Roopwati Barbie. The orb is set with stones and ringed with pearls. Wearing one of these Indian bridal hairstyles that hides the chain in hair can focus even more attention on the beautiful borla. You can see different styles of wearing matha patti with open hear and also the Matha Patti With Open Hair Tikka Designs 2019 in the gallery below.

Last but not least is the dupatta, the head scarf, which will match your lehenga. There are many ways to wear Matha Patti With Open Hair Tikka Designs 2019, all of the covering the head so every bridal hairstyle needs to be reinforced with hair spray to keep every hair in place all night.

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