Mehndi Makes Engagement Ceremony More Special

Mehndi is followed as tradition and its is becoming very popular all over the world. Mehndi is not also followed as a tradition but is also becoming important part of functions and ceremonies. Similarly mehndi makes the ceremony of engagement more special and beautiful. Once mehndi was applied only on the hands of brides to make them look more gorgeous. But now a days mehndi is being applied by all girls and women at every function and ceremony. Its seems that women are incomplete without mehndi on functions. Mehndi makes hands graceful and also is a latest trend in the new generation. Young girls use tattoos of mehndi on different body parts.

Mehndi Makes Engagement Ceremony Special

Mehndi Makes Engagement Ceremony More Special

Engagement is an important function. This ceremony is held before marriage. It is a special event for both bride and groom. Engagement is the first step of marriage. In the marriage events formally engagement is held followed by other ceremonies of wedding. In engagement ceremony bride and groom wear beautiful and graceful dress with beautiful accessories. In engagement ceremony the families of both girl and boy get together and exchange gifts. Representation of rings in the important part of the ceremony. In traditional families, the exchange of gifts and representation of rings is done by the families members but in modern families rings are represented by girl and boy themselves.

Engagement is very special occasion for a girl and she wants to look perfect on it. It is the dream of every girl to look most beautiful on her engagement because it is the preparation of her wedding. When we talk about the important things of engagement we can not forget to mention the importance of mehndi. Mehndi designs make the hands of girl look more beautiful, attractive and stunning. Mostly girls prefer simple mehndi designs for the engagement but you can also go with heavy mehndi designs. It depends upon the personal likeness and choice of bride.

Girls are always excited about their mehndi designs. Whatever the function is Eid, wedding or engagement. An engagement is very special ceremony so the mehndi designs of this ceremony must also be special. What ever the accessories are dress, shoes or jewelery girls plan a lot for every thing many days before the ceremony similarly they also plan for their mehndi designs. Girls buy books of mehndi designs from the market to choose the best mehndi designs. They also use the internet sources to select the perfect and gorgeous mehndi designs.

Application of mehndi is important part of the engagement preparations. One night before engagement friends and cousins of girl get together have fun and decorate the hands of bride with beautiful and charming mehndi designs. Not only the hands of bride are decorated with mehndi designs but other girls also apply mehndi designs of their hands. Mehndi is considered to be the important thing for the bride. Bride is considered incomplete without mehndi and engagement is the first step of wedding. So engagement can not be completed without mehndi. And thus Mehndi makes engagement occasion more special.



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