Pakistani Walima Bridal Dresses 2019 Collection, Colors

The trend in Pakistani Walima Bridal Dresses 2019 Collection, Colors and colors is somewhat the same as it was last year. These trends have been seen in Bridal Couture Week and Bridal Week held earlier in 2019. These bridal fashion shows depict the trends in bridal wear in the coming year. In Bridal Walima Dresses 2019 In Pakistan, designers have used colors like dull pink, white, blue and green. These are bit less heavily embellished than bridal wear Barat Dresses for Girls. Walima is one of the important events of a Muslim wedding. It is like a reception for the wedding. The bride and groom greet the guests and there is dinner for the guests. The groom usually wears a suit on the occasion. However, the bride wears a lehenga with shirt and dupatta.

The lehenga is less heavy than the one of the actual wedding day. Moreover, the colors are totally different. While dresses for brides are quite brightly colored with shades of red and gold, Pakistani Walima Bridal Dresses 2019 can be seen in colors like blue and green. Walima means marriage banquet and it is one of the integral part of Islamic wedding. It is sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Every Muslim performed Walima after Nikkah or marriage.

Pakistani Walima Bridal Dresses 2019 Collection, Colors

Pakistani Walima Bridal Dresses 2019 Collection With Prices

Walima is a symbol of celebration of marriage. Every men and women wants to make his/her Walima reception unforgettable. In Pakistan girls prefer to wear any light color other then traditional red bridal lehenga. Walima is an important part of wedding ceremony being an Islamic event, as it is sunnah of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Muslim weddings are incomplete without Walima, as it is the most important and significant function of Muslims. This event is held or celebrated after the Nikkah or wedding reception. As it is necessary and last function of wedding ceremony that is why every bride want to make this day memorable like mehndi and wedding day. She wants to wear unique Pakistani Walima Bridal Dresses 2019 Collection, Colors as well as want to look more beautiful and stunning than last two days. She is also very conscious and concerned about her Walima dress as she was worry about her mehndi and Barat dress. Pakistani Bridal Walima Dress 2019 include lehenga with long and heavy shirt and heavy dupatta, gharara with long shirt and dupatta, full heavy worked pashwash or Anarkali frock with churidar pajama and heavy dupatta.

The heavy work consists of sequin, zari, kundan, dabka, cut dana, moti, and many more. However, according to the trend of 2019, there should be resemblance or matching the colors of dresses of bride and groom but today we are also observing the contrast or combination of different colors like bride is wearing pink and groom wears white or black, if bride wears red then groom is in black or skin color. As it is dream of every bride as well as every groom to look stunning and beautiful on their Walima function. That is why never go to cheap and unattractive Walima dress, always buy the expensive and best one because it is not the matter of only one day, it is the matter of the whole life. These days remain alive forever in minds, photographs and videos. So buy your Pakistani Walima Bridal Dresses 2019 Collection, Colors according to latest trends.

These are from different designer Pakistani Walima Bridal Dresses 2019. These will give you an idea about what is in style as far as Walima dresses are concerned.

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