Pakistani Walima Dresses 2019 Designs For Bride

Pakistani Walima Dresses 2019 Designs For Bride given her will make your day unforgettable not only for the brides but also for the guests. Walima is earnings matrimonial dinner and is one and only vibrant chunk of Islamic marriage ceremony. Each woman as well as man desire that his/her Walima function must be extraordinary. Walima is an essential part of an Islamic wedding. Walima means a marriage banquet and is one of the integral part of all Islamic weddings. It is the sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH, Every Muslim couple performs Walima after marriage or nikkah. Walima is the symbol of celebration of marriage.

Walima is third day of wedding ceremony that is celebrated after wedding reception. Walima is a social gathering that is arranged by the groom. On the day of Walima bride and groom are the center of attraction for all guests and that is the reason bride has to look stunning and glorious.

Pakistani Walima Dresses 2019 Designs For Bride

Pakistani Walima Dresses 2019 Designs For Bride

In Asian countries now-a-days brides prefer light weight colors that are different from the red bridal lehengas. There are many stylish and cute color square measures of Walima dresses in the market like baby pink, light blue, purple, peach, grey, green, golden etc. As dark shades or red colored dresses is used on first day so brides mostly choose light shade dresses for Walima function. There are variety of styles of Pakistani Walima Dresses 2019 Designs For Bride. According to latest trends mostly Walima dress are in form of long shirts combined with lehengas. Churidar pajamas and trousers are also combined with these long shirts. Long shirts in double shirts forms are very popular among brides these days. Some girls also wear short kurtis with lehengas. Anarkali frocks with churidar pajamas, A-line frocks, Maxi style dress, ghagra, ghararas and shararas are also different styles of Walima dresses.

Dupatta of these Pakistani Walima Dresses 2019 Designs is also very heavy and is as embellished as the shirt is. Walima dress is very important for bride as she has to maintain her beauty and want to look more beautiful then the first day. Heavily embellished dresses are used for Walima function. Traditional work is seen all over the dress.

Embroidery work, stone work, thread work, patch, work, lace work, zari, dabka etc are the embellishments used for Walima bridal dresses. Other than embellishments the quality of fabric used for Walima dresses is also very important. Fabric used for preparation of Pakistani Walima dresses should be of high quality so that it can last long in its original shape and can hold the heavy work on its place. Tissue, chiffon, silk, Banarsi, Georgette etc are some of the fabrics used for preparation of Pakistani Walima Dresses 2019 Designs For Bride. Pakistani Walima dresses are not only famous in Pakistan but also in other countries these dresses are very appreciated and liked by women.

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