Paranda Designs For Women 2019

Paranda Designs For Women 2019 given her have the unique designs and styles with colorful patterns. Paranda is considered as the most important and beautiful hair accessory for every woman and girl. Women wear Paranda as a tradition specially in the Eastern countries like Pakistan and India. Women love to buy Paranda and wear it in different styles at occasions and festivals. Brides also use Paranda on the wedding events.

Specially on Mehndi event brides prefer to wear Paranda to having an elegant and attractive look. Some girls also wear Paranda on Mehndi events usually cousins or friends plan to wear Paranda together to have a similar look on the wedding. For wearing Paranda hairs are divided into three equal parts like we do in braid, then each strip of the Paranda is braided with each section of the hair in a perfect manner. There are different embellishments that are used on Paranda Designs For Women 2019 for making them look more attractive like mirrors, colorful threads and many more.

The country of Pakistan is specially famous in the whole world for its hand woven eye catching and gorgeous Parandas. Girls tie it with the braids and it is considered to be one of the most important accessory among all other fashion accessories. The Paranda is made up of basically three strands that can be of different colors like yellow or multi colors but usually the strands of Paranda are in black color.

Paranda Designs For Women 2019

Latest Paranda Designs For Women 2019

The designs of Paranda are different and unique with different decorations. Parandas are also available in different beaded ornaments and these types of parandas are also very expensive. Floral parandas are also used by the brides, now-a-day it is a trend to wear floral paranda on the Mehndi event. Paranda is not only a fashion statement this is also a traditional hair accessory specially belonging to the province of Punjab. Paranda Designs For Women 2019 is used on daily basis by some women but young and modern girls these days prefer to wear parandas for having a cultural and traditional look. At the college or university events like culture festival girls mostly wear parandas in different manners to get the desired cultural look. The designs of paranda are mostly in vivid and bright colors like navy, purple, hot pink, red, maroon, orange, yellow, green etc.

Parandas are the more glamorous and the natural version of hair extensions. Parandas are prepared by using the best quality embellishments and materials. These are of different sized and different decorative elements. Paranda suits with every kind of traditional wear outfit, whether you are wearing a frock or shalwar kameez paranda will go with it perfectly. Also the ladies Paranda Designs For Women 2019 are very easy to wear, these can easily be pinned up or braided into the hairs and then these remain fixed at one place. Paranda has been used by women from the ancient times.

With the passage of time and fashion the designs if paranda have progressed. Gold tilla and other tilla work make the paranda look more stunning. Women of different areas and regions refer different Paranda Designs For Women 2019 according to their cultures and traditions. By wearing paranda women and girls do get a traditional look but they also look modern and stylish and wearing paranda specially on wedding ceremonies has become a fashion trend.

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