Romantic Women Hairstyles For Valentine’s Day 2019

If you are confused and need some inspiration for the Valentine’s Day then Romantic Women Hairstyles For Valentine’s Day 2019 can give you the feminine look which can not fail to impress others. Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the whole year. Whether you are spending the evening at home or heading out, you have to look and feel gorgeous. You can win the heart of your beloved one with your feminine look. There are many ways to get an attractive look including bold lipstick, dazzling eye makeup, fancy accessories and of the beautiful hairstyle. It can be difficult to choose the perfect look specially when there are so many different hairstyles to choose from.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day a girly and classy look is always a safe choice and for this hairstyles like buns and plaits work very well. But a simple natural look can never went wrong for the Valentine’s Day. The key to look beautiful on Valentine’s Day is to wear something in which you feel confident, nothing is sexier than a confidant woman. To do Romantic Women Hairstyles For Valentine’s Day 2019 perfectly you need extra shine in the hairs, for this wash the hairs properly and use conditioner as well as other hair products. Also do not forget to apply hairspray to keep the hairstyle at its place.

Romantic Women Hairstyles For Valentine’s Day 2019

Romantic Hairstyles For Valentine's Day 2019

Tousled Waves:

Tousled waves are not only for the beach, this hairstyle is very romantic and playful that suits perfectly on Valentine’s Day. If your hairs are naturally wavy then this hairstyle will look more gorgeous. For getting tousled waves blow dry the hairs until they are halfway dry. Apply a volumizing spray on damp hairs and finger dry hairs to provide texture and volume. If you have long bangs then sweep them to the side. If necessary touch up the waves using a large barreled curling iron. Do not curl the small sections of the hairs as that will create tighter curls than you want. Place a little texturing cream in your hands, flip the head over and then run fingers through the hairs. Flip it on back and finish off the look with hairspray.

Side Ponytail:

For the long hairs side ponytail is a beautiful and fun look which is often preferred by the Hollywood celebrities too. For this hairstyle create an off center part in the towel dried hairs, then dry the hairs using a paddle brush and the blow dryer. Smooth the front portion of hairs towards the back and then towards the opposite side of the head from the part. Brush all the hairs on the sides and crown towards the nape of your neck. Now gather all the hairs together in a ponytail and position the base of ponytail behind your ear and secure the hairs with an elastic band. If you want the smooth ponytail then us a flat iron to straighten the hairs. You the wavy ponytail you can use a large barrel curling iron to create the waves. Spritz the entire head with the setting hairspray.

Messy Updo:

Messy updo is one of the most popular Romantic Women Hairstyles For Valentine’s Day 2019 for the special occasions. Unlike a perfectly coiffed hairstyle, this one is a little bit messy and very sexy. It looks great on the romantic Valentine’s Day night out. This hairstyle looks great on the shoulder length hairs that can be wavy, curly or straight. For getting the perfect messy updo begin with the towel dry hairs and then spray a styling spray on these hairs. Separate and blow dry the hairs using a paddle brush. Pull the majority of hairs in a high ponytail on the back of your head and then secure with the elastic band. Make sure that you leave some strands loose to frame the face. Now separate the ponytail into three or four parts. Now bring each section down, folding it over and into the base of ponytail, secure using bobby pins or the elastic band.

Half Up and Half Down:

If you are going somewhere special for the Valentine’s Day then the romantic half up and half down look for curly hairs can be one of the best looks. This hairstyles make you able to show off the beautiful curls and also puts the focus on your gorgeous face. This hairstyle is very easy and simple to create. Pull the top portion of hairs in a ponytail and leave the bottom portion long in the back. Add a romantic look in your hairstyle by leaving a couple of hair strands free around the face. Secure the ponytail sing an elastic band, for creating an attractive look you can add crystal encrusted combs, barrettes or other hair accessories in this hairstyle.

Romantic Braid:

Braid can give you a romantic and sophisticated look on the Valentine’s Day. Apply a styling spray on the towel dry hairs. Now take 2 inch sections of the hairs and wrap them around a 1 and 1/2 inch of curling iron to create the waves all over the head. Take small amount of styling cream on the palms and then run fingers through the hairs to break up the waves, eliminate any fly aways and give your hairs a soft hold. Now gather the hairs behind the ear and loosely braid it, gather the hairs about an inch from the bottom, now loop the end of the braid back up and pin it behind the ear. Finish the Romantic Women Hairstyles For Valentine’s Day 2019 using a hair spray.

Romantic Women Hairstyles For Valentine’s Day 2019 given here will not only gibe you a romantic and sophisticated look but guys will also love these hairstyles.

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