Sankranti Latest Rangoli Designs 2018 Photos, Images

here you can find the huge collection of SSankranti Latest Rangoli Designs 2018 Photos, Images so that you can prepare Rangoli at your doorstep as Rangoli is a pattern of flower that is created on floor in the living room and mostly it is in the Countyard. Well this is made on Diwali which is on October, 2018 this year. This Sankranti Latest Rangoli Designs are made from different thing including Rice, Flour, Sand and petal of roses and other flowers. The word Rangoli is derived from the “Rangavalli”. This is the favorite hobby of the women in these days so that is the reason that in these days there are some competition are being arranged by the society women and the Best Rangoli Design got some present from the society so that is why every women want to best Rangoli design and for this the preparation are being made from one month before the final date.

Here on this page you will got Sankranti Latest Rangoli Designs 2018 Photos, Images with the image and photos so that it is easy for you to have to view that how it is made and could think easily that how you can make that designs easily at home.

Sankranti Latest Rangoli Designs 2018 Photos, Images

sankranti latest rangoli designs 2018 Images

Sankranti Latest Rangoli Designs 2018 can be made through a pinch of everything that means you pinch rangoli powder using the index finger and the thumb and when you gently release the pinch then the powder will fell down on the selected areas where you want to put it. Well make one thing for sure that the you should clean the surface where you want to make a rangoli with a clean water so that there should be not any kind of dust add on it. In the Indian tradition it is that the surface will be cleaned with the cow dung and when it is dried the rangoli is drawn on that surface but you can go according to what you want as it does not mean that if you clean the surface with the Cow dung then the rangoli would be perfect and if you did not then it could not be.

Then after selecting the surface the first thing you should have to choose is the Sankranti Latest Rangoli Designs so that is why you should choose the design which you like the most in the given below images and photos.

when you done with the design choosing the go for the points which you have to draw on the surface than take a chalk and joint these pont to make a outer line of the Sankranti Latest Rangoli Designs 2018 Photos, Images and then put the Rangoli powder or color or anything you choose to make that rangoli design.

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