Scary And Spooky Horror Costume Ideas For Halloween 2018 Pictures

Whether you want to play for favorite villain or want to look downright dead, Scary And Spooky Horror Costume Ideas For Halloween 2018 Pictures given here with pictures are covering all the scary costumes for Halloween. Everyone is excited on Halloween to terrify their friends with the bloody red and scary costumes so the Halloween Costume Ideas 2018 are very important for the Halloween festival. Halloween festival is linked with the horror and evil and people try their best to use the Halloween Day for haunting their folks. With each year there is more pressure to have the best idea ever for the Halloween costume.

The Best Halloween Makeup Ideas 2018 and the costumes for Halloween go hand in hand because a Halloween costume is incomplete without makeup. There are many choices for the Halloween costumes like skulls, bones, skeletons, zombies and many other petrifying costumes. There are also Homemade Halloween Costumes Ideas that can also be prepared at home by yourself and you can get the inspiration from flowing blood.

Scary And Spooky Horror Costume Ideas For Halloween 2018 Pictures

Scary And Spooky Horror Costume Ideas For Halloween 2018


Vampire is one of the best choices for Halloween costumes. This costume has the advantage that you can dress up funny and sexy without dressing up as a blood sucking creature. Vampire costume is the balance of the scary and sexy and pairs this dramatic as well as dark clothing with the tons of the fake blood. You can wear a complete purple lace gown, black closet style top, a tight burgundy shirt and the leather pants to have the look of a modern vampire.


Medusa is a legendary woman who had a glance that was said to turn men into stone. According to the legend hair of Medusa were full of the snakes so this outfit can be creative as well as full of fun. For this costume try to dress up in gauzy shades of gray and green to evoke the statuesque feeling and also wear the dramatic makeup similar in shades. Also section your hair into lots of tiny ponytails and use a temporary dye to color your whole hair green.

Headless Anything:

A headless person can give a goofy approach. These costumes are quite hilarious and terrifying with many variations in the costume. In most of these costumes there is stuffing of fake body that rises above your shoulder having head peeping out from somewhere in the middle. Arrange the arms of the fake body in such way that it is holding your own head. This costume also provides tons of creativity like a headless sorority girl, headless soccer player or a headless bride.


The zombie look is easy to create using lots of makeup. The best part of this costume is that you can make this costume out of practically any outfit. Makeup is the main part of this costume as it will provide you the whole look. Make yourself sickly and pale looking, then add the fresh bike marks, rotten wounds and bruises all over the body. For a perfect zombie costume you can find the makeup from any Halloween store.

Bloody Mary:

There are many different versions of the legends, but most of these involve a murder, a mirror and a ghostly woman covered completely with blood. Bloody Mary was of the most terrifying things from all these versions. For this costume you need a lot of fake blood. Dress up white including the white face paint to have a ghost like look. Now splatter fake blood all over your clothes and also on the face. Finish your look with a handheld mirror and a plastic mirror.

All these Scary And Spooky Horror Costume Ideas For Halloween 2018 Pictures will make your festival more scary and interesting.

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