South Indian Bridal Hairstyles Wedding Reception With Pictures, Photos

South Indian Bridal Hairstyles Wedding Reception With Pictures and Photos provided here are consisting of easy and DIY hairstyles that will make brides look more attractive and trendy at the same time. A woman having a black, thick and waist length tresses in the Southern parts of India is a fairly regular sight as compared to the short hairstyles that are still in their infancy according to the more conservative mindset of the South Indian families. A South Indian wedding is still a traditionally large affair, but the South Indian brides are now more open to experiment with the trendy and new hairstyles as well as hair accessories that indicated the definite upsurge in the fashion wave of the South India. Braid is still the more popular choice of wearing the hair among South Indian brides as it was in the past. But there are few additions in these hairstyles that fulfill the fashion requirements without upstaging the traditional look of South Indian brides.

South Indian Bridal Hairstyles For Wedding Reception Pictures

South Indian Bridal Hairstyles Wedding Reception With Pictures

South Indian bridal hairstyles for the wedding reception main consist of braids of different styles. One of the simple braided hairstyles is the braid adorned with the floral accessories. This is a lovely and a simple hairstyle which also has the floral Maangtika. Maangtika is used for adorning the hairs which is made up of some strands of Jasmine flower. Maangtika in the centre of the hairs with midparting is also a choice for the braided hairstyle. For this hairstyle start by dividing the hairs in two sections. Use maangtika in the middle to add glamour in the hairstyle. Bun can also be used as the wedding reception hairstyle for the South Indian weddings. False hair accessory is also used like bun to add volume in the hairs. Retro hairstyle with neat pleat running along one side is also a glamorous hairstyle for the South Indian brides. This hairstyle is for the long hairs so if you do not have long hairs then you can use the hair extensions to justify this look.

Also use a big flower to complete the retro look. Another popular and simple hairstyle for the South Indian brides which imparts a glamorous look and is quite simple to achieve is the pleated and jeweled look. This hair styles look great only if you have the right kind of hair accessories. Floral twist can also be used with the braided hairstyles to add a new look in this traditional hairstyle. If you use fresh flowers than this hairstyles will look more great. For this hairstyle you will need flowers of two contrasting colors. Place the strands of flowers in twisted fashion around the neatly braided hair and accessorize with the jewels. South Indian Bridal Hairstyles for Wedding Reception With Pictures and Photos are incomplete without the bold hair accessories.

These South Indian Bridal hairstyles for wedding reception will definitely turn many heads.

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