Sultry Makeup Ideas and Tips for Blue Green and Brown Eyes

Here you will get Sultry Makeup Ideas and Tips for Blue Green and Brown Eyes complete hints and tutorials so that you could be able to give you eyes a Sultry look through this eye makeup at home. Sultry Eye makeup is a type of makeup that focuses on your eyes so that it could be look more stunning, Sexy and attractive to others so that on the sight every one stop for a while and look into your eyes while saying how beautiful you are. So the ideas is being taken from the Smoky eyes look so if you ladies also among those who wants to get their eyes make more beautiful then they ever is then you just have to look and emphasize on the beauty tips which is being written down on this page. Normally the Sultry Eye makeup were used for going to the Social formal events and festival like going out for dinner, part and some other occasion. In the modern world of the latest fashion trend you would see the Sultry Eye makeup all over you but the fact is that you do not know about this makeup type so we are here to provide you some ideas and tips so that you also stands in the row of those women, girls who are know for their beautiful eyes in the party. So why don’t you try this Sultry Makeup Ideas and Tips for Blue Green and Brown Eyes at your home.

Sultry Makeup Ideas and Tips for Blue Green and Brown Eyes

Sultry Makeup Ideas and Tips

  • If you want to give you eye a sultry look then you must have to frame your eye first. So dip an eyebrow brush into the powder that you for with your brow color and then fill your eye brow using this brush gently. make one thing for sure that the powder you are using must have to match your natural hair color
  • So now start your normal eye makeup as it depends on you that either you go for Mousse Textures eyes shadow primer or eye shadow using your own fingers as this process will help you in maintaining any other eye shadow color
  • Now took your eye shadow contour brush and tap this brush into the plum and then brush it across your lid
  • If you want to give more exciting look and also of adventurous then you can give another layer of this again with the same process
  • Use a tissue and now remove any trace of the Plum shadow that remain on the lids of your eye
  • Now Brush the color right under the brow bone and above the plum gently.
  • Now take pencil and start lining for both the upper eye lid and low eye lid
  • This is the last stage where you have to coat few more with the black mascara on the upper and lower lashes.

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