Tips On How To Apply Powder Foundation Perfectly

In this article makeup tips have been mentioned on how to apply the powder foundation perfectly to get a flawless look. Foundation is a skin colored cosmetic that is applied on the face in order to create uniform and even color to the complexion and also to cover the flaws. Foundation is also used to change the natural colors of skin. Selection of right color of foundation is very important as if mismatch is used you can spoil your whole look. For people having red complexion, they can minimize it by using clear beige toned foundation. Dull complexion people can brighten up their tone with a rose. Red to tint mature skin which has lost its color and appear pale can be brighten up with tint of clear pink foundation. Olive skin can similarly be brighten up with the shot of peach. There are different types of foundation too that include powder foundation and liquid foundation. Powder foundation is ideal for the oily skin type and is also easy to use then the other foundations.

How To Apply Powder Foundation Perfectly

How To Apply Powder Foundation Perfectly

It is very important to consider that what type of foundation is suitable for your skin type. For example the powder foundation is best for the oily skin, it stays long on the oily skin giving flawless look. While on oily skin if liquid foundations is used, it make the face look more oily. Foundation is the base of makeup. whole makeup depends on the foundation so proper steps should be kept in mind while wear foundation.

Follow the given steps to apply powder foundation perfectly and to get a beautiful finish of makeup:

  • First of all clean your face and remove makeup if applied and all the impurities from the face and then apply moisturizer. People who have the dry skin must do this step but people with oily skin can skip this step or they can use a liquid moisturizer that give a matte finish. Liquid sunscreen can also be used as moisturizer.
  • Apply primer after applying moisturizer. This is an optional step. Primer just helps to make the makeup last for longer time.
  • Pick a powder foundation the one which matches perfectly with your skin tone. You can also test the shade of powder foundation by applying it on the neck or the jawline area, the foundation should aso blend in perfectly.
  • Use a makeup puff or a makeup brush for applying powder foundation. You can also use a fluffy brush, it is a better option and swirl it into the powder foundation. Tap off the excess powder from the brush.
  • Apply the powder lightly to each section of the face also including eyelids with the makeup brush in the circular and downward strokes. Apply one layer of powder foundation with a light hand all over to get a natural look and blend the color into the jaws and neck area. Go over again lighly as needed for more coverage but do not overdo it.
  • At last use a little water on a cotton swab or you can also use your fingers, and lightly go over the eyebrows to remove any power. Clear mascara or the eyebrow brown pencil can also work. Also check the eylashes and go over them with mascara or water so that powder can be removed if any.
  • You are done with the powder foundation and now you are ready to apply other makeup in the face.

These make tips on how to apply powder foundation perfectly are easy to understand and apply and these will give you flawless foundation for applying rest of makeup.

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